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noah ohlsen

A Look at Fans’ Favorite Noah Ohlsen Games Memory

In a career that spans 11 Crossfit Opens, 7 Crossfit Games and innumerable big events like Wodapalooza and The Italian...

the gathering episode 2

The Gathering Episode 2 | Ben Smith, Noah Ohlsen, Scott Panchik, Emily Bridgers

In the second episode of The Gathering, Ben Smith, Noah Ohslen, Scott Panchik, and Emily Bridgers are interviewed by renowned...

crossfit athletes

The Gathering | Episode 1 Featuring Four CrossFit Games Athletes & Kelly Starrett

See what happens when four of the most elite CrossFit Games Athletes in the world get together to talk about...

Ben Smith & Scott Panchik | Favorite Tool for Muscle Recovery

As elite CrossFit athletes, Ben Smith and Scott Panchik run into tweaks, strains, bumps, and bruises a lot. They are...

crossfit open

Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 18.4 | Kelly Starrett

The CrossFit Open season gives us a chance to test our abilities and see how well we perform under pressure....

noah ohlsen crossfit

Noah Ohlsen: Training Changes Leading up to the CrossFit Games

A lot has changed for Noah Ohlsen since last year’s CrossFit Games. With his new coach, Max El-Hag of Training...

muscle up

Mastering the Ring Muscle Up with Scott Panchik

The muscle up is not an easy movement to master. It requires a lot of strength and practice to execute...

crossfit games

What You Need to Know about the CrossFit® Games

  The CrossFit Games are quickly approaching, but what exactly does that mean? The Marc Pro team has the guide to...

scott panchik

Scott Panchik’s Training and Recovery Tips

Growing up, Scott had always been athletic. He played football in college at Mount Union until a knee injury sidelined...

scott panchik

What Does CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik Eat for Dinner?

And Other Questions About Recovery, Marc Pro, and More CrossFit athlete, Scott Panchik, takes his recovery seriously in all aspects...

scott panchik

Interview With CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Scott Panchik – Part II On one day, Scott Panchik might be taking workouts to the...

scott panchik

Behind-the-Scenes With CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik

Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Scott Panchik – Part I Scott Panchik is an elite CrossFit Games athlete training and competing...

dani horan

CrossFit Games Athlete Dani Horan Posts About Using Marc Pro In-Flight

Recover at 35,000 feet in the sky!   CrossFit Games athlete Dani Horan recently posted about using her Marc Pro...

crossfit games

Events Report: CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games are a fun opportunity for athletes around the world to meet and compete with like-minded fitness enthusiasts....