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What Does CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik Eat for Dinner?

scott panchikAnd Other Questions About Recovery, Marc Pro, and More

CrossFit athlete, Scott Panchik, takes his recovery seriously in all aspects of training. He eats “quality foods” that will fuel him right for intense CrossFit sessions, but chooses not to measure the amount he is consuming. He strictly schedules rest days to ensure that he can workout at high intensity levels when it counts. And finally, he relies on the Marc Pro to keep him performing at his best for workouts and competitions, especially at the CrossFit Games.

But while active recovery is important to Scott, what else transforms Scott’s workout routine from basic to beast mode? Keep reading the Marc Pro blog to learn more!

How do you incorporate Marc Pro into your training routine?

Scott Panchik: The Marc Pro is a huge part of my training routine. If my body is feeling really beat up in the mornings I will use it before workouts. I almost always spend at least 30 minutes every night to help with recovery.

Do you take Marc Pro with you on the road during travel?

Scott Panchik: I always pack my Marc Pro when traveling, I’ve found that flying it is the perfect opportunity to sit still and recover. It is easy to pack and I can use it anywhere, on the plane, in the car, or in the hotel room.

Are there any specific areas of the body that you usually use the Marc Pro?

Scott Panchik: The most frequent places I use my Marc Pro are on my shoulders and lower back. This past year at the Crossfit Games, it really helped with my foot injury and played a big role in getting me through the week.

You have just completed a tough workout. What do you typically do to get recovered following a hard session?

Scott Panchik: I do my best to get a cool down in on the assault bike after my workouts and to drink a protein shake as soon as I can, meanwhile I do some extra mobility exercises.

You mentioned that you are helping out with a competition in Acapulco in the next couple of weeks. What competition is it?

Scott Panchik: I am programming for the “Ultimate WOD” in Acapulco. The competition is made up of American and Mexican male and female athletes who will compete over the course of 2 days to prove their fitness.

What is your next major competition? When does your “in-season” typically run from?

Scott Panchik: I will be competing at Wodapolooza with my brothers Saxon and Spencer in January. I usually take a month or two off from hard training after the Crossfit Games to give my body a break mentally and physically. I start to increase the volume in September/October, and typically, I don’t do too many major competitions before the Open.

How did you first get involved with CrossFit?

Scott Panchik: I got involved in CrossFit while I was in college – my dad first introduced me to it. I would look up the hardest workouts I could find on and do my best to complete them in the fitness center at the University of Mount Union. After some knee injuries from football I used CrossFit as a competitive outlet and my passion for the sport continued to grow. It was something my family did together, and gave working out a purpose in a competitive team like environment that I missed after collegiate football career.

When you are not working out, what do you like to do during your free time?

Scott Panchik: When I am not working out I enjoy anything from relaxing at home, going out to eat, or trying new things like kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. Our window for nice weather is limited in Cleveland so I like to take advantage of it while I can.

Favorite dinner:

Scott Panchik: Pizza is my favorite “cheat meal” dinner, and I usually have it once per week. Besides pizza I am definitely a steak guy.

The Marc Pro team is a proud supporter of Scott Panchik and is looking forward to following his lead up to an exciting CrossFit season!

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