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Our Story

People are pushing their bodies harder than ever before. High intensity training has been a cornerstone in progressing sport at the elite athlete and fitness enthusiast levels, but at what cost? Insufficient recovery breeds overuse injuries and stagnant performance, especially as individuals push the perceived limits of age. Recognizing the growing gap between intense workouts and sufficient recovery, Marc Pro was created in 2011 to fill the void.   

In the past, the recovery market offered tools that provided only modest recovery benefits, since they didn’t address all stages of the body’s recovery process. In particular, e-stim devices targeted temporary pain control or muscle re-education, but fundamentally missed the target of pure recovery. Marc Pro broke the haggard mold of harsh electronic signals and introduced the first and only completely non-fatiguing technology for unlimited recovery. Designed for everyday and everywhere use by athletes and teams, Marc Pro took the lead in three critical categories: Ease of Use, Durability, and Effective Active Recovery. No other device, then or now, compares.  

Marc Pro has swept through professional and collegiate sports as the preeminent recovery method for injury prevention, relieving exercise related pain, improving performance, and maintaining proper biomechanics. Hundreds of teams and thousands of athletes use Marc Pro every day in pursuit of greatness. Still designed and manufactured in the USA, Marc Pro holds a strong commitment to quality.