Muscle Conditioning and Recovery FAQs

Muscle Conditioning and Recovery FAQs

Why would I want better conditioned muscles?

Conditioned muscles can do more “work”, last longer, recover faster, and perform better.

Why is it so valuable to recover faster?

When you recover faster you’ll be more comfortable, you can get back to training or playing sooner and you can train harder.  Recovering more fully before going back to activity also means that you will perform better and you’re much less likely to get injured.

Is Marc Pro comfortable and/or easy to use?

Marc Pro is the most targeted, comfortable, and easy to use electronic muscle conditioning device available. Unlike many competitors our next generation technology is not burdened with complicated programming, setup, or harsh electrical signals.

Can Marc Pro build abs or other muscles?

No. We have been in this industry for 30 years and despite many claims of muscle building from many companies we’re yet to see any real life proof. We’d all love to get abs of steel while sitting on the couch, but we’re of the philosophy that when things sounds to good to be true they usually are. For strength and muscle building we do not believe there is a substitute for hard work … With that said the ability to recover faster is very real and can be demonstrated immediately using Marc Pro on someone with fatigue or soreness. If you recover faster workouts can occur more often and be easier, which in turn can improve your training outcomes. And when used regularly Marc Pro will improve the conditioning of your muscles to enhance future performance.

Is Marc Pro cleared by the FDA?

Yes. Marc Pro received clearance from the FDA to market this OTC electronic muscle conditioning device. Marc Pro is designed and assembled at our corporate headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA USA.

When do I use Marc Pro?

There is no bad time; before, after or in between activities are all beneficial. Using Marc Pro after strenuous activity will speed the recovery process and make you feel better after just your first session. Using Marc Pro before activity will help loosen and warm up muscles. And using Marc Pro regularly will improve the conditioning of your muscles allowing them to last longer and perform better.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t be using Marc Pro?

You should not use Marc Pro if you have one or more of the following medical conditions:

1. This device must not be used on persons with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators; or other implanted metallic electronic devices

2. Epilepsy

3. Following acute trauma or fracture

4. Following recent surgical procedures

5. Critical ischemia of lower limbs

6. Abdominal or inguinal hernia

7. Cancer or cancerous lesions

Is the Marc Pro supplied with electrodes?

Yes. Your Marc Pro comes with 6 packages of reusable electrodes; each package has 4 electrodes.

How long is the Marc Pro warranty?

2 years

How long do the batteries remain charged?

The Marc Pro can be used for at least 10 hours between charges.

How many times can the electrodes be used?

The average set of electrodes lasts 20-25 uses. Clean, dry, oil and lotion free skins will maximize life.

Where do I place the electrodes?

The instruction booklet outlines many common and popular electrode placements and should be reviewed carefully before beginning use of your Marc Pro. But remember your specific training goals and your body’s response will be a key factor in determining the ideal electrode placement.

What is the difference between Marc Pro and a TENS unit?

TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS are inexpensive medical devices that attempt to mask pain symptoms by interfering with nerve signals; they have no rehabilitative, recovery or conditioning benefits whatsoever. Marc Pro activates a cascading series of physiological effects through a specific type of muscle contraction that lead to enhanced recovery and conditioning. For more detailed information, please click here.

What position should I be in during Marc Pro sessions?

You should be comfortable and relaxed during sessions. Your position should allow the Marc Pro to comfortably contract and relax your muscles with as little resistance as possible.

What if Marc Pro doesn’t work for me?

With years of experience working with athletes at every level including the most elite in the world we are extremely confident that you and your household will see great benefits from utilizing Marc Pro. To help ensure this we also offer unlimited telephone and or web support to purchasers at no additional cost so that all of your questions are answered. With all of that said if for any reason you are not happy with the product you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.