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TENS Units vs Marc Pro: Which is Better for Recovery?

tens unit vs marc pro

When it comes to Marc Pro, there is no question more ubiquitous than, “Is this a TENS unit?”. Differentiating TENS technology with Marc Pro is the first step towards mastering recovery.

“TENS” is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Although this description could apply to many types of e-stim, TENS usually refers to inexpensive medical devices that mask pain symptoms. By interfering with nerve signals, TENS can provide some temporary relief of pain, but only while the device is on. TENS units have no rehabilitative, recovery, or conditioning benefits.

Marc Pro technology works differently by activating a series of physiological effects through a specific type of muscle contraction for enhanced recovery and conditioning. Marc Pro’s unique waveform and long pulse duration creates a non-fatiguing muscle contraction, which is optimal for muscle recovery.

mp vs tens unit

Some TENS units also have muscle stimulation capabilities. However, most muscle stimulators use technology originally designed for muscle re-education, with a goal to fatigue muscles that have atrophied. Therefore, this form of stim can’t be used for longer durations without damaging muscle tissue. These devices have their purpose but when repair is the intention, further stressing muscles will quickly reverse recovery benefits. Creating a muscle contraction is simple enough, but producing muscle contractions with maximum benefit and no downsides is where most technology fails. In addition, the wrong type of current or too much current can be harmful to the body.

Why Recovery Instead of Pain Masking?

We push our bodies recreationally, competitively, and even at work while sitting. Muscles rarely fully recover due to everyday demands. Soreness is one indication of a recovery deficit, but a lack of aches and pains isn’t a sign everything is 100 percent. Sore or not, a recovery deficit can lead to major issues. Any amount of underserved recovery will affect to some degree how you feel, athletic performance, and likelihood of injury.

If we focus on soreness or pain rather than the root cause, we will continue to spiral in a state of low recovery. Masking the symptoms with a TENS unit may help get through a day or week, but eventually it’s going to catch up with your body. Bringing oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue and removing waste will always outweigh pain masking over time.

Think of recovery like a gas tank. If you don’t fill the tank to the top, your car isn’t going as far, may leave you stranded, and is going to need attention sooner. Topping off your recovery with help from Marc Pro means more strength gains, accelerating progression, and avoiding a breakdown. Overuse or under-recovered is like riding on fumes. Put some gas back in your tank after hard work or play.

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