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Master the Rowing Machine: Proper Form & Quick Tips

Rowing is one of those workouts that people love to hate and hate to love. It’s such a good exercise...


The Best Drink to Rehydrate & Refresh in the Morning

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University of the South | Athletic Trainer Spotlight with Ray Knight

Ray Knight, Head Athletic Trainer at the University of the South, shares how he has seen a reduction in injuries...

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Scott Panchik’s Guide to Conquering the Murph Workout

Murph is a benchmark workout in the CrossFit community. It’s typically completed on Memorial Day in honor of our fallen...


Interview with Scott Caulfield, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at NSCA

Scott Caulfield has been involved in fitness and athletics for over two decades, in a variety of different roles. Currently,...

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How to Manage a Swollen Ankle

Swelling doesn’t necessarily mean that the body is injured, but whether it’s a result of an injury or not, a...

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CSCS Spotlight | Mike Potenza of the San Jose Sharks

Potenza is a Managing Partner and Director of Human Performance for Tactical Fitness and Performance since inception (2009).  TFP is...

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How to Barbell Shoulder Press: An 8-Step Guide from Noah Ohlsen

CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Ohlsen walks you through the steps of the shoulder press and how to recover from it...

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Eric Cressey | Strength & Conditioning Coach Spotlight

Eric Cressey, CSCS is president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities located in Hudson, MA and Jupiter, FL. ...

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3 Ways to Ditch your Sedentary Behavior at Work

Our modern lifestyle competes with one of the most basic requirements of the human body, movement. These days we drive...

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University of Western Ontario | Strength & Conditioning Coach Spotlight with Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson’s mission is to bring evidence-based, research information, quality training and teaching to student athletes. We got to interview...

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Glute Activation Exercise & Why it’s Important for Runners

Glutes are one of the most underutilized muscles when it comes to running. If your glutes aren’t activating like they...

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Marc Pro Tutorial | Guide to Getting Started

This guide was created as a tutorial for new Marc Pro users to get started with their device. After reading...

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Taylor University |Athletic Trainer Spotlight with KC Hackman

KC Hackman, Head Athletic Trainer at Taylor University, shares how using Marc Pro has helped free up time for his...

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How to Run Faster: Part Two

Running is more fun when you’re feeling good and setting PRs. Unfortunately, stiffness can get in the way. Stiffness may...