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Eric Cressey’s Tip for Improving Hip Mobility in Catchers

When it comes to enhancing hip mobility, especially for athletes like catchers, it’s tempting to dive into mobility drills. Indeed, these exercises are crucial—they involve positional breathing and range of motion drills that are fundamental for developing flexibility and strength. However, before starting a mobility routine, it’s essential to set a solid foundation.

The Importance of Preparing the Body

One key aspect often overlooked in mobility training is the importance of creating optimal systemic conditions. This involves ensuring that you’re not only physically prepared but also recovered from any previous strains. Engaging in mobility work is less effective and could be counterproductive if the body is still dealing with the aftermath of prior training sessions. This is where recovery tools and techniques come into play.

How to Prep the Body for Mobility Work

For Eric Cressey, Marc Pro is instrumental in this preparatory phase. It helps athletes recover from previous workouts more effectively, ensuring that the muscles aren’t sore or overused. Athletes can enter their mobility training in a state that is more conducive to success.

catcher mobility eric cressey

Setting the table for successful mobility work involves more than just jumping into stretches and exercises. It requires a thoughtful approach to recovery and preparation. With the right preparation and targeted exercises, catchers can achieve improved hip mobility, enhancing their overall athletic performance and longevity in the sport.

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