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Baseball Catcher Recovery with Ralphy Velazquez

Baseball catchers have their own unique set of needs when it comes to recovery. Not only do catchers throw a lot, they also squat up and down a ton. This leaves catchers having to address both arm and leg soreness.

Cleveland Guardians 2023 first round draft pick, Ralphy Velazquez, shares his experience with using Marc Pro as a catcher to eliminate soreness and recover faster.

How Ralphy Uses Marc Pro

Marc Pro’s unique technology means athletes can use it for as long as they need. For athletes like Ralphy who train and play hard, using it before and after practice or a game can make a huge difference.  

“After I started using it, soreness went away. I use it before practice and after practice…my arm feels really good.”

Ralphy’s favorite spots to use Marc Pro as a catcher are his biceps and legs. Before a game, Ralphy uses it for 30 minutes to warm up and then after the game to recover for about an hour and a half to two hours. Ralphy also uses Marc Pro before bed for 30 minutes to an hour the night before a game. Not every player will need to use Marc Pro this long or often, but it is an option for those who need it.

Ralphy first started using Marc Pro at the Perfect Game Tropicana event in the summer of 2022. Now that it’s become a part of his routine, he wishes he had started using it earlier in his career.

“I wish I had [Marc Pro] my whole life, my whole career, that thing helps a lot.”

Marc Pro is an easy and effective way for baseball players to warm up prior to practice or games and recover afterwards. With high training demands comes the need for better recovery. Marc Pro is the only tool that can provide all the benefits of active recovery, without putting further stress on muscles. Those who want to improve their recovery and stay in the game, Marc Pro is a must. Every MLB team and over 500 collegiate teams use Marc Pro for better recovery and injury prevention.