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Marc Pro FAQs | Part 8 – How Does Marc Pro Help with Recovery?

There are three different categories of recovery: sleep, intake, and active recovery. Each one plays an important role in getting muscles back to 100% before you workout again. Sleep and intake (nutrition and hydration) are commonly known to be necessary for recovery. The category most people don’t address is active recovery – that’s where Marc Pro helps.

The difficult thing with active recovery is it’s easy to do too much. Active recovery typically involves a walk or some sort of light movement that gets the body moving but isn’t strenuous. At a certain point, active recovery can turn into a workout.

What makes Marc Pro special is that it fulfills the active recovery/movement side of recovery, without fatiguing muscles. Even better, you can perform active recovery while you watch TV or during other daily activities. Using a gentle electric signal to contract muscles, Marc Pro provides the activation necessary for tissues to rebuild and grow stronger.

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