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How Marc Pro Improves Recovery

How Marc Pro And The Recovery Process Works

Marc Pro is designed to accelerate the recovery process through a perfected form of active recovery.

Exercise or strenuous activity causes tissue damage and metabolic waste in the area. Marc Pro is able to flush out that waste more quickly and speed the delivery of nourishment to the area accelerating the body’s natural recovery process.

This is accomplished through unique, strong, but completely non-fatiguing muscle contractions that set off a cascading series of physiological events. We call this a Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade, or MARC® for short. The process includes nitric oxide production, vasodilation, increased flow, and with repeated use angiogenesis.

The information below will explain more about how muscle recovery works and why Marc Pro is the ideal method to improve recovery.

The Foundation of Recovery

Movement – or muscle activation – is the natural facilitator for all four stages of the recovery process. Normal amounts of movement will result in a normal rate of recovery. But if your training, lifestyle, or age requires you to recover more quickly, you’ll want to speed the process. Adding the right amount of additional movement or muscle activation will speed the recovery process. This is why active recovery is popular and proven to be the most effective way to improve recovery.

What is Traditional Active Recovery

Active recovery refers to low intensity exercise, performed to facilitate faster muscle and tissue recovery. Examples of traditional active recovery include a light swim, jog, or ride. This principle can be used by anyone, but athletes commonly use this method as a way to recover from vigorous exercise.

There are some major caveats to this type of active recovery. Too much light exercise can cause even more muscle fatigue and tissue stress, and becomes completely counterproductive to recovery.

Marc Pro is Limitless Active Recovery

The most effective active recovery will create enough muscle activation to facilitate all four of the physiological muscle recovery stages, without causing additional stress or fatigue. Marc Pro muscle stimulation provides all the benefits of active recovery without the limitations. Plus, Marc Pro’s proprietary and patented technology creates a level of muscle recruitment without fatigue unmatched by other electronic devices.

Limitations of Traditional Active Recovery VS. Marc Pro Recovery
Traditional Active Recovery Marc Pro Recovery
Inherent Limitations If your active recovery workout is too intense or too long, you'll start to cause more damage & fatigue, which is counterproductive for recovery. If you want more recovery, you can't just do more traditional active recovery. Never causes fatigue so your body is able to fully rebuild. You're not limited on how long or often it can be used.
Muscle Targeting Certain muscles and areas of the body are hard to perform active recovery on. For example, while your legs may be easy to target, doing active recovery on you back may be more difficult. Can be used to target almost any muscle in the body. Users are also able to target multiple muscles or groups of muscles at once (ie. target shoulders and quads at the same time).
Effort Required Sometimes the thought of doing another workout, even if it is light, doesn't sound very appealing. Extremely easy to use and doesn't require any physical effort on your part. It's also comfortable to use; just sit back and relax.
Time Constraints Most of us don't have the time to dedicate toward active recover workouts on top of our already busy schedule. Can take advantage of active recovery while simultaneously doing other things like emails, phone calls, or watching TV.
Convenience Many active recovery exercises require additional equipment that isn't always available, such as a pool or bike. Extremely portable and can be used anywhere. We even recommend taking Marc Pro along for long plane and car rides.


Marc Pro does more than accelerate the recovery process. When used on a consistent basis, the Marc Pro actually improves muscle conditioning. Research shows that using Marc Pro regularly causes the development of new blood vessels (capillaries) – a process known as angiogenesis. More capillary blood vessels in a muscle equals more oxygenated blood and related supplies in the muscle and more deoxygenated blood and waste out of the muscle. By increasing the overall throughput of nourishment and waste to and from the muscle through angiogenesis, the muscle has an increased capacity to do more work – its conditioning has improved and it performs better.

This is all in addition to the performance benefits obtained through faster and more complete recovery. By using Marc Pro after exercise or activity you’ll be able to recover quicker and more fully. You’ll wake up the next day fresher and ready to perform at your best. Recovering faster can also decrease the downtime between workouts and accelerate muscle development through a disciplined training program.

Recovery sessions can also help you get more gains from the training you’re already doing. When training regularly, your body may not have enough time to completely recover before getting back at it. The problem is that muscle adaptation (your gains) occurs during the recovery phase; so if you’re not fully recovering you’re not getting everything out of the hard work you put in. Research has shown that using Marc Pro a few nights a week can significantly increase strength gains from a weightlifting program without working out any differently or more often. Marc Pro simply is getting the body to more fully recover; which allows adaptation to more fully complete and improvement increases.


While the standard Marc Pro device can address regular soreness and fatigue, sometimes you need something stronger to deal with exercise-related pain. The Marc Pro Plus’s High Frequency mode delivers powerful and lasting pain relief to help you get back to the activities you love. The comfortable stimulus is believed to interfere with the sodium channel within the nerve to prevent pain signals from traveling to the brain. But unlike most other electrical stimulation devices that only mask pain while the device is on; Marc Pro Plus is intended and able to provide hours of lasting pain relief after a 30-60 minute session.

Beyond this valuable drug-free pain relief, getting rid of pain and the related muscle tension can allow Marc Pro Plus’s Low Frequency setting (that of the standard Marc Pro) to be even more effective. Without the muscle tension more time can be spent effectively recovering and conditioning muscles to prevent future flare ups.