The Marc Pro is the Next Generation of Muscle Recovery

When we created Marc Pro, we dismissed the outdated, generic electrical stimulation principles set forth in decades-old research studies. We also did not base our product on questionable theories or research on other products.

Instead, we utilized 30 years of medical device experience and research; then worked with athletes, trainers, and researchers to develop the ideal technology to meet our goals. The result was a complete paradigm shift. The unique parameters utilized by the Marc Pro device are based on actual outcomes of real users. In fact, the Marc Pro mechanism of action, as well as the resulting physiologic processes, were recently studied and measured. All of our claims are based on our specific technology which has been tested through blinded, controlled research.

Other electrical stimulators

Putting enough electricity through the skin in any form can stimulate nerves and or cause muscles to contract; but how the body responds can vary significantly. The wrong type of current or too much current can be painful or even harmful to the body. There are four primary types of electrical stimulators on the market, all of which are different from the Marc Pro.

First are the cheap pain-masking stimulators that are sold all over for as little as thirty dollars up to hundreds of dollars. Remember at best these devices will mask pain signals while the device is hooked up to your body. Many people do not get relief and lasting relief is very unlikely. Most importantly these devices are not designed or indicated to provide any conditioning or recovery benefits whatsoever. 

Next are the traditional muscles stimulators (EMS devices) that can be found from just under a hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars. Most of these devices were originally designed for use in therapy primarily for muscle re-education. They can be very useful in that regard and no doubt getting muscles activated will start to provide numerous benefits. The problem is that devices designed primarily for muscle re-education tetanize muscle very easily and will fatigue muscles rather quickly. That’s not a problem for muscle re-education, but is counter-productive for recovery and not ideal for moving nourishment and waste. 

Of course there are the ab devices that claim to build six pack abs while you sit on the couch and eat potato chips. We think that if you’ve come this far you probably agree with us and feel that just isn’t going to work. 

Lastly are the devices cleared and indicated for muscle conditioning and improving muscle performance. These devices can provide benefits, but their success is often limited by their own root technology; which is often still derived from the traditional muscles stimulators originally designed for muscle re-education.

The Marc Pro Dynamic Decaying Waveform

Though many EMS products have developed modern microprocessors to cycle through various frequency and voltage levels, the root technology they employ is quite antiquated. Most employ static square waveforms and relatively high voltages and frequencies to generate enough muscle recruitment. A static square waveform contracts the muscle at full power, holds it at that full power, then instantly and fully releases the muscle. It’s an unnatural signal that can be harsh, and in some cases quite uncomfortable and fatiguing.

By contrast, the Marc Pro device employs a proprietary dynamic decaying waveform. This type of signal comfortably contracts muscles and then slowly releases them over a period of time. Muscle fibers are allowed to properly relax, and fluids are moved in and out of the area without causing fatigue to the muscle.

The dynamic decaying nature of the Marc Pro waveform allows for other parameters to be significantly altered, and includes a pulse duration that is much longer than any other device on the market. During each contraction the signal is in the muscle for a longer period of time, allowing for a different level of recruitment. Fibers which are valuable, yet difficult to contract, can be stimulated. This leads to optimal recruitment for our conditioning and recovery goals, while preventing any discomfort, tetanization or fatigue of the muscle.


The Marc Pro Plus uses the same unique waveform, voltage levels, and the same extremely long pulse duration as the Marc Pro. The difference is that the Marc Pro has a single locked low frequency ideal for moving nourishment and waste (conditioning and recovery), while the Plus adds additional high frequencies ideal for shutting down more stubborn aches and pains from your exercise or daily activities.

Just as the unique waveform and long pulse duration give our low frequency an advantage over traditional stimulators these parameters also help our high frequency signal to be more effective. The less harsh signal is extremely comfortable and the long pulse duration gives the energy more time within the tissue to shut down pain. The result is much more significant and lasting pain relief. The goal is not to mask pain, but to achieve lasting and cumulative relief after sessions.

The Plus comes in a simple to use and recommended “pre-set mode”. The Low frequency button will deliver the rhythmic non-fatiguing muscle contractions used for conditioning and recovery. The High frequency button will deliver a very strong, but soothing buzzing sensation. This can provide additional pain relief sometimes needed in trouble spots like the back.

*Though it’s not necessarily recommended adavanced users can put the Plus device into “manual mode” and choose between over 70 frequency options and experiment with the results. If you find a frequency you like best you can even program those to be your personalized pre-sets. This gives the advanced user or experimenter total flexibility and control over the stimulation they receive.


No Complex Programs Needed

Many of the popular EMS products on the market are quite complicated. It's hard to figure out which program to use, decipher positive and negative wires, decide between different sets of specialized pads, and locate motor points on the muscle. These units also utilize harsh signals and high voltages, making many of the different programs quite uncomfortable or impractical. It's no wonder most people won't use these devices consistently.

By comparison, Marc Pro is extremely easy and comfortable to use. Marc Pro’s next generation technology is not burdened with difficult setup, complicated programming, or harsh signals. The device needs only one setting to accomplish all of its goals simultaneously. There’s no need to do a recovery program, followed by a conditioning program, then possibly followed by a warm up program for your next workout. Marc Pro does all of this at once. There’s only one size electrode, and you don't need to be an electrical or anatomy expert to use it. All of this simplicity is possible because we know what we can do, how to do it, and we do it extremely well. Our customers are able to use their devices easily and comfortably, meaning they’re more likely to see the desired benefits.

One Setting Accomplishes These Core Conditioning Applications

  • CONDITIONING : Helps you do more and last longer through increased capacity for nourishment delivery
  • RECOVERY : Speeds recovery after strenuous activity by increasing the exchange of nourishment and waste
  • LOW INTENSITY RECOVERY : Lower level contractions are always available if desired
  • WARM UP (POTENTIATION) : Warm up muscles without discomfort or fatigue
  • LOW INTENSITY WARM UP : Lower level contractions are always available if desired
  • MASSAGE : Pump and activate muscles for a massage benefit

Building Muscle with EMS

There are many EMS products that claim to create “six pack abs” or “explosive strength” while sitting on the couch, but these claims do not match the philosophy or beliefs of Marc Pro and the data given to support these claims is questionable. Additionally, those who have tried such methods report that the attempt can be extremely uncomfortable. The experts at Marc Pro have more than thirty years in the electrical stimulation industry and our consultant team has been involved in the fitness and strength industry even longer. With all of our combined experience, we have never seen real and/or practical evidence of muscle building while sitting on the couch.

There are some more legitimate devices that have data showing improved strength with use of their devices. However what often is buried is that these improvements don’t come by simply relaxing with the device on. They come from doing physical movements (exercises) while hooked up to the device, in essence using the EMS as a form of resistance. We at Marc Pro simply feel that there are better forms of resistance than EMS.

Marc Pro is not designed to build muscle on its own. The fact that we don’t even attempt to do so allowed us to greatly alter our root technology to focus and be more ideal in the movement of nourishment and waste; the keys to recovery and conditioning.

With that said, by decreasing the downtime between workouts training can occur more frequently. By being more fully recovered for your next workout your training can be more effective. And by conditioning with Marc Pro your muscles can do more before breaking down. All of this allows Marc Pro to significantly increase the benefits of your existing workouts.

A recent study indicated that using Marc Pro during recovery enhances the effects of resistance exercise by increasing muscle strength while decreasing the feelings of muscle fatigue.

Many popular EMS products have no science or research behind them at all. Others reference research studies that are not even based on their particular device. These studies are often 10, 20, or even 30 years old.

Some products rely on endorphin theories from the 1970s, while others claim that their technology and advanced programming is based on research about lactate removal and circulation benefits. The latter research is more than a decade old. In fact, recent research actually demonstrates that Lactate is the preferred fuel of muscle as opposed to a negative waste product.

The makers of some EMS devices cite research studies regarding ideal frequencies and circulation benefits. Unfortunately, these studies are outdated and incomplete. They did not account for other parameters such as wave shape, polarity, pulse duration, or voltage. They certainly did not consider the unique, cutting-edge waveform and pulse duration utilized by a modern device like Marc Pro.