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Marc Pro Technology and Comparison

A Paradigm Shift in Electronic Stimulation Technology

When we created Marc Pro, we dismissed the outdated, generic electrical stimulation principles and instead utilized 30 years of medical device experience and research. We then worked with athletes, trainers, and researchers to develop the ideal technology to meet our goals.

Compare Marc Pro to Other Electrical Stimulators

In its tech and its results, Marc Pro is unlike any other electrical muscle stimulator device available. Marc Pro uses unique, non-fatiguing muscle contractions that allow your body to recover faster and reduce pain, long after the device is turned off. Here’s how Marc Pro’s lasting effects compare to other electrical stimulators.

TENS Units

These devices are used to mask pain signals. While some relief can be achieved when the device is on, they do not provide any lasting relief or recovery benefit.

Marc Pro vs TENS

Traditional/Common Muscle Stimulators

These devices were originally designed for use in therapy, primarily for muscle re-education. In order to re-educate atrophied muscles, these devices activate muscles with harsh tetanizing contractions. For this purpose, creating fatiguing muscle contractions is ideal. However, they are counter-productive for recovery.

AB Building Gadgets

These gadgets are marketed to help you build muscles while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV. We are firm believers that the only true way to build muscle and make strength improvements is through training, nutrition, and recovery.

Sports Performance/Recovery Devices

These devices are intended to improve recovery and performance. While they can provide some benefit, they are often limited by their technology, which is derived from the traditional muscle stimulators designed to re-educate and fatigue muscles. Marc Pro uses a unique technology that never fatigues muscles so you can recover fully.

Often times, these other devices are complicated to use and require users to select from a variety of programs and intricate placements. Marc Pro is very easy and simple to use. One setting provides multiple benefits so you don’t have to choose just one.

A Different Approach to Electronic Stimulation

Marc Pro's Proprietary Dynamic Decaying Waveform

Marc Pro

Marc Pro employs a proprietary dynamic decaying waveform. This type of signal comfortably contracts muscles and then slowly releases them over a period of time. Muscle fibers are allowed to properly relax, and fluids are moved in and out of the area without causing fatigue to the muscle.

The dynamic decaying nature of the Marc Pro waveform allows for other parameters to be significantly altered, and includes a pulse duration that is much longer than any other device on the market. During each contraction the signal is in the muscle for a longer period of time, allowing for a different level of recruitment. Fibers which are valuable, yet difficult to contract, can be stimulated. This leads to optimal recruitment for our conditioning and recovery goals, while preventing any discomfort, tetanization, or fatigue of the muscle.

Marc Pro Plus

The Marc Pro Plus uses the same technology as the Marc Pro. The difference is that the Marc Pro has a single setting ideal for speeding recovery, improving conditioning, and warming up muscles, while the Plus adds an additional setting (HIGH) for shutting down more stubborn aches and pains from your exercise or daily activities.

The same unique waveform and long pulse duration that makes the Marc Pro (LOW on Marc Pro Plus) so effective also allows the Marc Pro Plus’s pain control (HIGH) setting to provide superior relief. The less harsh signal is extremely comfortable and the long pulse duration gives the energy more time within the tissue to shut down pain. The result is much more significant and lasting pain relief. The goal is not to mask pain, but to achieve lasting and cumulative relief after sessions.


Traditional Static Square Waveform Almost all electrical stimulation devices on the market use a traditional square waveform. A static square waveform contracts the muscle at full power, holds it at that full power, then instantly and fully releases the muscle. This type of signal can create very strong contractions that were appropriate for the original electrical stimulation goals of muscle re-education. However this unnatural signal can be harsh, and in some cases quite uncomfortable and fatiguing. With more modern recovery goals this root technology can be limiting.

Modes of Operation

Low Frequency: Marc Pro, Marc Pro Plus Multiple Benefits, One Comfortable Setting The low frequency mode is set at 2 Hz and is extremely comfortable and easy to use. Using Marc Pro will provide all of the following benefits simultaneously, no separate programs needed. Our devices use a gentle signal and low voltage so that the experience with Marc Pro is enjoyable. Most importantly, using Marc Pro is simple. Setup is easy and doesn’t require you to be an anatomy expert. One setting simultaneously accomplishes these core benefits. There’s no need to go through separate programs to accomplish all your goals.

  • Faster Recovery
  • Improved Conditioning/Endurance
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Maximize Strength Training Gains
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Relaxing Massage

High Frequency: Marc Pro Plus Marc Pro Plus has a mode of operation (HIGH) for immediate pain relief. This mode is set at 60 Hz and uses Marc pro’s unique waveform and parameters to achieve pain relief even when other methods have failed.

Manual Mode: Marc Pro Plus Advanced users can put the Marc Pro Plus into “manual mode” and choose between over 70 frequency options and experiment with the results. If you find a frequency you like best you can program those to be your personalized pre-sets. This gives the advanced user or experimenter total flexibility and control over the stimulation they receive. To learn how to put your device into manual mode, please see page 16 of the Marc Pro Plus user manual.

Modes of Operation

Compare Marc Pro to Other Recovery Techniques

Compression Devices

Using compression devices can help push some waste out of the area through external pressure. However, it’s important to note that because compression does not generate muscle activation it only facilitates a fraction of the steps to recovery.

Details on Compression


For decades, ice has been the go-to for sore muscles, injuries, and post-workout recovery. However, research shows that icing damaged tissue from injury or exercise likely does nothing to improve recovery and may slow and delay the healing process. Icing is great for reducing core body temperature and providing temporary pain relief. But if your goal is to recover faster, then you may want to rethink using ice.

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