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Marc Pro FAQs | Part 4 – How does Marc Pro Work?

Part 4 in the FAQs series answers a question many people wonder about… how does Marc Pro work? It’s easy to feel the difference Marc Pro makes, but what exactly is going on?

marc pro faqs

Marc Pro is a muscle stimulator that sends electronic signals through the skin to the muscles, causing them to contract. An important fact to note here is that all electronic signals are not the same. Waveform, pulse duration, and signal strength all matter. Marc Pro uses a proprietary signal that contracts muscles without fatiguing them. Ultimately, this allows Marc Pro to feel comfortable and provide exceptional results.

How do muscle contractions help recovery?

Many people don’t realize that muscle activation is an important part of recovery, just like hydration, nutrition, and sleep. When muscles are activated, blood flow increases, important proteins and hormones are released, waste is removed through the lymphatic system, and new muscle tissues are realigned. No other method can accomplish these 4 pillars of recovery. Marc Pro makes this process easy by allowing you to achieve these benefits during your down time – no extra effort required. Plus, you can use it for as long as you need and not worry about fatiguing your muscles.

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