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Marc Pro FAQs | Part 2 – How Often Should you Use it?

A popular question from new Marc Pro users is “How often should I use it?”.

How Many Days Per Week?

Ideally, to get great results you should use Marc Pro every day. Many people only think about using it when they’re tired and sore. The problem with that is you’re trying to get rid of the backlog of waste and play catch up. If you use Marc Pro at least once a day you can stay ahead of the problem and be more efficient with your time. But remember, you can’t overuse the device. If you have several workouts or games and want to use Marc Pro more than one time per day, go for it.

To get good results, we recommend using Marc Pro on workout/training days (at least 3 days per week).

How Many Minutes per Session?

At a bare minimum, use Marc Pro once a day for at least 15-30 minutes. The sooner you can use it after your sport or activity, the quicker you’ll be able to recover. It’s easier to pump out the metabolic waste while it’s still loose. As time passes, it will take longer to accomplish the same goal. As previously mentioned, you can use the device for as long as you need. If you just completed an intense workout, use the device for longer to ensure a full recovery. To get great results, we suggest 30-60 minutes per session.

For those dealing with a bigger recovery problem (ie. Ran a marathon), use Marc Pro for hours to get your body back to homeostasis.

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