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muscle fatigue

The Marc Pro Causes Significant Strength Gains and Reduction in Muscle Fatigue

Incorporating Marc Pro into Workout Routine Improves Strength Gains and Reduces Muscle Fatigue The Journal of Exercise Physiology just released...

muscle fatigue

Fitness expert shows benefits of Marc Pro for reducing lower back muscle fatigue

OnSite Fitness published a research project completed by Wayne Westcott, Rita La Rosa Loud, and Scott Whitehead that looked at...

muscle recovery

The Mechanisms of Action Associated with the Marc Pro Muscle Recovery and Conditioning Device

The Journal of Exercise Physiology released a follow up study on the Marc Pro. This paper explores the unique mechanisms...

muscle performance

The Marc Pro Improves Muscle Performance and Recovery: A Pilot Study

The Journal of Exercise Physiology published a study on the Marc Pro. In this study, the Marc Pro was shown...

lower back fatigue

Quincy College Research: Marc Pro Reduces Chronic Lower Back Fatigue

Dr. Wayne Westcott talks about a recent study he conducted through Qunicy College on the treatment of lower back fatigue...