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Sore Glutes: A Few Solutions to Relieve the Tightness & Pain

Glutes are an interesting muscle. We get can sore from using them too much (ie. too many squats or stairs) or too little (sitting in a chair all day). Regardless of which end of the spectrum you’re on, or even if you fall into both categories, glute activation is key to making them feel better.

sore glutes

The Glute Powerhouse

With the gluteus maximus being the largest muscle in the human body, it plays a vital role in much of what we do. From standing to sprinting, our glutes are a huge asset. Using your glutes to their full potential can add an extra boost to athletic performance. Plus, when our glutes don’t activate properly it can cause pain in the lower back and knees and lead to poor posture. 

Whether your glutes suffer from overuse or inactivity, the following solutions will help put an end to sore glutes, fast.

Sore Glutes From Overdoing It

With all the benefits strong glutes have to offer, it’s no wonder you went all in on your workout. But, now it’s time to get those glutes feeling good again.

sore glutes

1. Active Recovery

One of the best ways to recover sore glutes is to use active recovery techniques. It may seem counterintuitive for some that activating your muscles would help you feel better, but it’s true! By engaging in low stress activity, your body is able to bring more nutrients into the damaged area and clear out waste at a much faster rate.

Muscle activation also provides the necessary mechanical stress needed for tissues to optimally repair. Just don’t overdo the activity, going for a light walk or swim will work. Another option is to use an activity recovery tool that does the work for you. With Marc Pro, you can take advantage of all the benefits of active recovery while you’re sitting on the couch, working at a desk, or even while traveling. Plus, Marc Pro is the only way to get active recovery without the fatigue that can set in with other methods. You can even use Marc Pro on other muscles, so tight glutes are just the start! Sore legs, achy back, you name it and Marc Pro can recover it.

active rest

2. Stretch

When your glutes are sore, there’s a good chance they are also feeling tight. Adding in some stretches is a great way to loosen up and not feel so restricted. Here are a couple stretches that do an amazing job at targeting tight glutes:

  1. Pigeon Stretch
  2. Figure Four Stretch
  3. Standing Hamstring Stretch

Sore Glutes From Not Doing Enough

In a world where our glutes can easily remain inactive for most of the day, it’s not uncommon to experience glute soreness and pain. While sitting, our glutes are inactive. For short periods of time, it’s not a big deal. But, after prolonged periods of time, our glutes forget how to function properly- they get used to being inactive.

If your work or lifestyle requires you to sit for extended periods of time, don’t worry, there are some easy solutions to get your glutes engaged and eliminate glute soreness.    

1. Glute Activation Exercises

Inactive glutes have become a big problem for most of us. Even if we work out regularly, sitting for prolonged periods of time during the day makes our glutes inactive and weak. This also leads to soreness, tightness, and even pain for some. A great way to combat inactive glutes with a desk job is to either invest in a standing desk or add in more activities that will activate your glutes. Making an effort to stand and move around every 30 minutes will help keep your glutes engaged. A great exercise to really target and activate your glutes is the single leg bridge.

glute activation

2. Marc Pro

An easy way to keep glutes active and eliminate any soreness that you may already be experiencing is to incorporate Marc Pro throughout the day. While sitting at your desk, use the Marc Pro glute placement. It’s an easy and effective way to keep your glutes going. Not to mention, you can also use Marc Pro on any muscle you want, such as your back, traps, or legs.

3. Stretch

Any time your glutes are tight, it’s a good idea to stretch them out. Try doing the pigeon stretch, figure four stretch, and standing hamstring stretch to loosen things up. Stretching is a great opportunity to get your glute muscles into new positions and allow them to elongate.

By taking the right steps, sore glutes can easily be eliminated. Use these techniques and get your glutes healthy and firing like they should.

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