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4 Ways to Address Shin Splints

shin splints“Ouch, ouch, ouch,” you exclaim as you attempt to run up a hill. We have all been there. It’s a pain along your shins that lingers —a pain that you could describe as achy and tender along the sides of your legs whenever you attempt to run or even moderate activity. The culprit? Likely Shin Splints. Shin Splints is a condition that is medically referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome, and commonly occurs with runners, dancers, and recruits to the military.

While there are many ‘old wives tales’ about the best way to address shin splits, including rubbing dry soap on your legs before running, our Marc Pro team has researched some of the most effective methods to help prevent and address shin splints. Sure, you’re welcome to try the dry soap method, but we prefer the tips below:

1. Address the Issue Head-On

Shin splints are caused from repetitive stresses on the shinbone and connective tissues that attach muscle to the bone. Typically, individuals who are most at risk include beginner runners, individuals who play sports on hard surfaces, those in military training programs, or individuals who have flat feet or feet with high arches. Speak with your doctor to confirm if you are dealing with shin splints so that appropriate measures can be enacted moving forward.

2. Enact Preventative Measures

technology has revolutionized athletic trainingShin splints can be more common for certain individuals than others, but preventative measures can be taken to limit shin splint issues. Make sure that you are wearing shoes that are not overly worn, and consider some simple exercises before you head out the door to run to help with prevention methods.

3. Strengthen, Strengthen, Strengthen

You do not want the cycle of shin splints to continue, so make a strengthening routine a regular part of your training. Use resistance bands to strengthen the lower leg with dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, eversion, and inversion.

4. Consider Using Marc Pro for Shin Splints

The Marc Pro, electronic muscle stimulator, improves recovery so tissue can be fully repaired after each workout, allowing muscles to get stronger along the shin. Learn more about the ways Marc Pro can help with this ebook!

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