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Sore Glutes
A Few Solutions to Relieve the Tightness & Pain
Eric Cressey Podcast
The Icing Myth & How to Really Maximize Recovery
The 4 Stages of Muscle Recovery
& How to Speed Them Up
tight calves

Loosen Tight Calves with a Better Recovery Routine

If you’re dealing with tight calves, a better recovery routine may be just what you need. The cramping and pain...

tech neck

Experiencing Tech Neck? Relieve the Soreness & Tightness with these Tips

What Causes Tech Neck? In today’s world, we’re on our phones, computers, and tech devices for hours a day, making...

sore shoulder

Sore Shoulders? Here’s What to Do for a Quick Recovery

Have you ever noticed your sore shoulders felt so much better after moving it around a little? For those dealing...

leg soreness

Leg Soreness? Discover 3 Recovery Tips to Get Fresh Legs Faster

Leg soreness is a common occurrence for those who train regularly and push their limits. It doesn’t matter if you’re...

sore back

Get Rid of your Sore Back with Better Recovery

Our backs are under a lot of pressure throughout the day. Between working out, commuting, household activities, and sitting at...

golfer's elbow

Dealing with Golfer’s Elbow? 4 Steps to Prevent it from Happening Again

Spring is here, which means golfers around the country are getting ready for long, sunny days on the course. More...

tennis elbow prevention

Tennis Elbow | Prevention Tips & How to Keep Your Elbows Healthy

No matter what sport or activity you participate in, or whether you are an athlete or not, tennis elbow can...

swimmer's shoulder

Swimmer’s Shoulder | Symptoms, Causes & Prevention Tips

When it comes to swimmer’s shoulder, prevention is possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late! The majority of our healthcare...

plantar fasciitis prevention

Plantar Fasciitis | The New Guide to Prevention & Recovery

Here’s some good news if you have plantar fasciitis: resolving the issue isn’t too difficult and for most people medical...

trevor bauer

Trevor Bauer | How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery After Pitching

On Episode 24 of “Tips with Trev”, Cy Young Award winner and All-Star pitcher, Trevor Bauer, gets into the topic...

runner's knee

Runner’s Knee | A Guide to Causes, Recovery & Prevention

If you have knee pain from running, you are not alone. That pain you feel in or around your knee...

tommy john prevention

Tommy John Surgery | Prevention Tips & How to Maintain a Healthy Arm

It’s a phrase that can make a pitcher’s heart skip a beat: you need Tommy John surgery. With the rise...

Jumper’s Knee | Injury Prevention Strategies That Will Keep You Healthy

Don’t let jumper’s knee keep you down. Get back to feeling your best and do something about it before it...

glute pain

Sore Glutes: A Few Solutions to Relieve the Tightness & Pain

Glutes are an interesting muscle. We get can sore from using them too much (ie. too many squats or stairs)...

Top 4 Triathlon Training Recovery Tips from Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson shares her top tips for recovery following a triathlon training session. This is her typical recovery routine after...