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Sore Shoulders? Here’s What to Do for a Quick Recovery

Have you ever noticed your sore shoulders felt so much better after moving it around a little? For those dealing with shoulder soreness (not related to a major injury or medical condition), movement is the key to a quick recovery. Research shows that movement, also known as active recovery, is the best way to improve recovery and get back to feeling your best.

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Why Active Recovery?

Hydration, nutrition, and sleep are all important factors for optimizing your recovery. However, another important piece of the puzzle is active recovery. You may have heard that going for a light walk, jog, or cycle after an intense workout can help reduce soreness and improve recovery – that’s because your body’s recovery process relies on muscle activation.

There is no other way to facilitate each state of the recovery process. Movement increases blood flow, activates the lymphatic system to pump out waste, produces and releases myokines, and optimally remodels the tissue once it’s repaired. The key though is to keep the movement light and low stress, as too much movement will cause tissues to break down again. When choosing a recovery routine, keep in mind, foam rolling, percussion therapy, or compression boots don’t activate muscles, meaning when it comes to muscle recovery they aren’t very effective options.

Sore Shoulder Recovery

When your shoulders are spent, Marc Pro’s shoulder pad placement will help quickly eliminate sore shoulders so you can get back to doing what you love. Using the principles of active recovery, Marc Pro provides effective and easy soreness relief. All you have to do is attach the electrodes to muscles that are fatigued or sore (general guidelines are provided) and turn the device on.

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Unlike traditional active recovery, Marc Pro creates non-fatiguing muscle activation. This means that you can achieve all the benefits of active recovery, without causing additional fatigue to your muscles. When it comes to shoulders, the best traditional active recovery method is swimming. However, swimming is not very convenient and most people don’t have extra time in their day to dedicate another 30 minutes to a recovery swim.

Marc Pro is used by athletes across sports, as well as those who live an active lifestyle. Anyone who deals with sore and tired muscles can benefit from the Marc Pro. Regardless of what activity caused your soreness and pain, the recovery process is the same. What works for the professional baseball pitcher’s shoulder will also work for the shoulder of a person who overdid it at the gym.

When to Use Marc Pro for Muscle Recovery

There isn’t a bad time to use Marc Pro, but the sooner you can use it after a workout, the better. Immediately following a workout, the waste that’s accumulated in your muscles will be much easier to pump out. After time, the waste settles in and it will take longer to remove. However, using Marc Pro is all about convenience, so most people will use the device while at work, relaxing on the couch, traveling, or before falling asleep for the night.