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4 Body Positioning Tips to Get the Most From Your Marc Pro

Did you know that your body positioning while using Marc Pro can affect your results? Anytime you use the device you will see benefits, but in order to get the best results, users should make sure that the muscle group being targeted is in a relaxed position. When muscles are able to freely move and contract, more muscle fibers can be recruited. This leads to more benefit and faster results.

Ideal Body Positions for Common Pad Placements

The goal with all body positions is to take pressure off the muscle group being targeted and reduce any resistance to the muscle contraction. Allow yourself to relax while using Marc Pro.

Quad Placement

Pad placements for the quads or global leg flush will benefit from this position. Lay on a comfy couch with your feet out in front of you. Place a pillow or something soft underneath your knees and slightly externally rotate legs.


body positioning tips

Calf/Lower Leg

While targeting the calves or any lower leg issue such as the foot, ankle, or heel, elevate your leg with two pillows. One under the lower hamstring and another supporting your ankles.


body positioning tips

Back/Hamstrings Placement

If you’re targeting your back, hamstrings, or glutes, this position will help provide maximum benefit to your posterior chain. While lying on your stomach, place a pillow underneath your pelvic area to slightly lift the low back. Then, place something soft like a pillow underneath your feet.


body positioning tips

Arm/Trap Placement

When using Marc Pro on your forearms, biceps, global arm flush, or traps, use this position to take pressure off the upper body. Place a pillow or towel between your arm and the side of the body. Then, lay your arm across your lab. You can also hug a pillow to get both arms in a relaxed position.


body positioning tips

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