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Baseball Pitcher Arm Recovery Tips | Driveline Baseball

Driveline Baseball has a unique approach to pitching and hitting. Their developmental programs are tested and proven to take athletes to the next level. Owner of Driveline Baseball, Kyle Boddy, bases programs on data-driven research and development, instead of accepting the norms. Driveline Baseball is revolutionizing the sport and constantly pushing the limits, while still taking into account the health of the each athlete’s body.

Baseball Recovery & Injury Prevention

Baseball pitchers’ arms undergo a lot of stress throughout the season. The constant repetitive motion commonly leads to players overusing their arms and ultimately causes overuse injuries when their arms are not adequately recovered. When the body isn’t able to fully recover in between games or training sessions, it continues to break down. Not only are bio-mechanics and performance affected, the body is also susceptible to more injuries. To prevent injuries and perform at their best, baseball pitchers should focus on taking care of their arm, which means having the proper recovery tools/techniques in place.

Active Recovery Techniques

The most effective form of baseball recovery, or muscle recovery in general, is active recovery. Active recovery refers to low-intensity muscle activation, which is the key facilitator for all stages of the recovery process. To achieve the best recovery possible, try adding some active recovery techniques into your baseball recovery routine, just be sure not to put too much stress on the muscles as this can reverse recovery benefits.

A key component of Driveline’s programs is recovery, which is why those going through Driveline’s programs use Marc Pro every day. In this video, Driveline Baseball explains Marc Pro and shows you their favorite pad placements for elbow and shoulder recovery.