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Noah Ohlsen: Training Changes Leading up to the CrossFit Games

noah ohlsen crossfitA lot has changed for Noah Ohlsen since last year’s CrossFit Games. With his new coach, Max El-Hag of Training Think Tank, he has taken a completely new approach to training and preparing for the CrossFit Games. What works for one athlete, won’t always work for another. So, Noah decided it was time to go a different route to improve his strength and performance.

4 Ways Noah Ohlsen’s CrossFit Training Changed

1. Recovery

Before diving into his new training routine, Noah put an emphasis on recovery to bring his body back into a healthy state. Once his body was fully recovered, he started training again. Noah uses Marc Pro to help him recover on a daily basis from all his training and competitions.

2. Strength

Noah’s focus this year shifted into what he feels like he should’ve been doing for the past few years, which is heavier, higher power training. Previously, Noah was the smaller guy who was better at gymnastics movements and breathing skills. He had some holes in the strength side of his game, so he and his coach decided it was beneficial to improve in the strength area.

3. Repeatability

Once his one rep max caught up with the rest of the field, it was time to focus on repeatability. Noah started practicing sustaining multiple heavy weight lifts.

4. Power

Using the Assault bike, Noah would go all out and get to his maximum wattage. With his new strategies, he trained his body to be able to generate more power.

In the past 6 months, Noah has personally seen a big change in the amount of power he is able to generate in short, heavy workouts- especially on the bike. Going into the CrossFit Games, Noah hopes that his new training tactics will make a big impact on his performance and give him a competitive advantage.

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