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Noah Ohlsen Interview | How Do I Recover from Training & Competitions?

Intense training volumes require even the most elite CrossFit Games athletes to step up their recovery if they want to stand a chance against the competition. Without the proper recovery techniques in tow, progression will flat line, injuries become more likely, and athletes aren’t able to perform at their best.

Noah Ohlsen uses Marc Pro for recovery throughout the training day and extra heavily on competition weekends. Marc Pro allows him to get the most effective recovery while relaxing and essentially doing nothing. Getting into a parasympathetic state is important for any athlete in order to give their mind and body a break. Training expends enough energy, so for Noah it’s a great way to save energy and repair his body at the same time.

“I always use the Marc Pro to just recover and relax and get more into that parasympathetic state.”

Quad Recovery is #1 for Noah Ohlsen

Most movements in CrossFit involve the legs. So, when it comes time to use the Marc Pro post-training, Noah’s go-to muscle group to target is his quads. This quad placement provides the biggest difference and benefit for him. He will typically do this while relaxing on his couch or bed.

noah ohlsenSupplementing Recovery Techniques

To get the most from his recovery time, Noah will often use two recovery modalities simultaneously. For example, while he’s getting worked on by a movement specialist, he’ll have Marc Pro going on another area of his body that isn’t being worked on. When it’s time to do some massage or soft tissue work on his legs, he will use the Marc Pro on his back and have a constant universal flush and recovery going on at the same time.

What is Marc Pro?

Marc Pro is the recovery tool of choice for over 100 professional sports teams, countless elite athletes, and thousands of everyday people. Marc Pro’s unique, patented technology provides results unlike any other device out there. The difference? Marc Pro creates non-fatiguing muscle contractions so you can use the device for as long as you need to ensure a quick and full recovery.

Muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the recovery process, the problem is that techniques like traditional active recovery or other EMS devices produce fatigue after a short period of time. When the goal is to recover, you want muscles to rebuild, not break down- that’s what training is for. To learn more about Marc Pro, visit our “What is Marc Pro” page.