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The Gathering | Episode 1 Featuring Four CrossFit Games Athletes & Kelly Starrett

See what happens when four of the most elite CrossFit Games Athletes in the world get together to talk about whatever comes to mind. No rules. Nothing off limits. And lots of picking on Noah Ohlsen. The Gathering is a 3-part video series hosted by one of today’s greatest minds in fitness, Kelly Starrett, and shot by the Marc Pro team in San Francisco, CA.

Thanks to Kelly Starrett, Noah Ohlsen, Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, and Scott Panchik, we were able to capture an inside look at what it means to be a CrossFit Games athlete, how elite athletes handle intense training while keeping their bodies healthy, and how everyday people can apply these strategies to their own lives to be healthier and reach their goals.

In Episode 1 of the series, the group sits down and gets personal to discuss training challenges and overcoming limits.

“As a group, no one is working harder than CrossFit athletes.”

Keep an eye out for Episode 2 and 3 dropping over the next few months!