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Interview With CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik

ruiz15051461730Marc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Scott Panchik – Part II

On one day, Scott Panchik might be taking workouts to the extreme with high volume training and heavy lifting at his CrossFit box, CrossFit Mentality; another might involve a football field sandbag run alongside mobility training. But no matter what his sessions entail on a daily basis, he always makes time for one vital workout component: A good half hour nap.

Scott is a profound believer in the benefits of rest and recovery as part of a consistent performance sport training routine. His dedication shows in his performance as a Top 5 finisher at the CrossFit Games for the last few years. We wanted to hear more about his approach to CrossFit and fitness in general.

It’s not all CrossFit, all the time:

Though Scott focuses mostly on preparation and training for CrossFit competition, he takes a break for another workout: Olympic lifting. His workout of the day (WOD) involves lifting to attain a certain percentage of his maximum weight and then varying the reps within each set. Switching between weight loads and rep numbers provides the type of variety he needs to get the most out of his non-CrossFit workouts.

The workout diet is about quality, not quantity

Scott’s not one of those athletes that jots down every single calorie that goes into his mouth. He reports that he tries to eat healthy foods as much as possible, but doesn’t really log the quantity. A typical day includes:

Breakfast: eggs, milk, whole grains and peanut butter. He’ll also drink a veggie and fruit juice before morning training sessions
Lunch: Grilled steak or chicken, white rice and some avocado – washed down with a health shake
Dinner: More lean protein, sweet potatoes and veggies

Scott opts for a couple snacks to keep up his energy in between workouts, including shakes, quality carbs and healthy fats.

Tips & answers from Scott

What are your techniques for muscle recovery?
I use my Marc Pro immediately following hard training sessions and find that minutes flushing my legs gets me feeling brand new again!

Any shortcuts or little-known tips you can share? Marc Pro or other?
Yes, if you want your pads to last longer shave the area you apply to.

What types of stress does your body endure? How are you using your body athletically?
Physically I am pushing my body every day to its limits. I do a lot of heavy weightlifting, gymnastics, and running/rowing. I compete in CrossFit year round.

How did you first hear about Marc Pro?
Dr. Kelly Starrett spoke to me about how it could help me recover faster from the high volume training I put in.

What do you like about Marc Pro?
I like how the Marc Pro makes me feel after a long day of training. It alleviates pain and decreases my recovery time.

Why should other athletes use it?
I have had a lot of injuries from playing college football and the Marc Pro really helps me manage pain and perform at the level I want to be at.

Check out Scott Panchik’s CrossFit Games Profile and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.