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Behind-the-Scenes With CrossFit Games Athlete Scott Panchik

scott panchikMarc Pro Athlete Spotlight: Scott Panchik – Part I

Scott Panchik is an elite CrossFit Games athlete training and competing against the best in the sport. That means vigorous workouts every day and eating right, including his favorites: chicken, steak, sweet potatoes and watermelon. We recently sat down with Scott to hear more about his recent achievements and fitness routine.

He’s accomplished a lot so far in his CrossFit career:

Scott placed 4th in the CrossFit Games in 2012 after finishing 5th overall in the Central Regionals. That was his first year in CrossFit competition, and he vowed he’d get on the podium in future events. And he did take his spot on the stage the following year when he took 2nd place in the Regional competition. Though he again earned a 4th place position at the CrossFit Games, reaching his goal motivated him to train harder and engage in focused mental preparation.

CrossFit runs in the family:

While training as a college running back at Division III Mount Union, Scott started talking to his father about CrossFit workouts. He’d been doing vigorous sessions focusing on a few muscle groups per day, and the new routine didn’t sound too difficult, so he thought he’d give it a try. Scott soon found himself gasping for air after a short CrossFit workout.

His dad had him hooked. Scott continued CrossFit sessions at school and started more advanced training movements by watching videos. However, a series of events in 2009 made CrossFit even more of a family affair. Scott tore his ACL that year, requiring three reconstructive surgeries and intense rehab. Around that same time, his twin brothers fell off a 75-foot cliff while hiking and were left with severe injuries. CrossFit “became a great way for the entire family to cope, rehab and to deal with stress. It was life-changing for all of us.”

Scott credits his brothers’ perseverance in motivating himself during training sessions and thinks of his siblings when trying to push through a workout.

Scott loves variety in his workout:

Because he competes in the CrossFit Games each year, Scott’s training schedule is pretty busy. “Physically I am pushing my body every day to its limits. I do a lot of heavy weightlifting, gymnastics, and running/rowing,” he says. A typical day consists of two sessions, one in the morning, and one at night, working on mobility, strength, skill, and endurance. The Workout of the Day (WOD) might include several reps of:

• Front squats
• Thrusters
• Double-unders
• Rows
• Dead lifts
• Pull-ups

While Scott does a lot of his training at his CrossFit box, CrossFit Mentality, he also likes to take his workouts to the football field. A good sandbag run on the football field, mixed in with some sprints and recovery walks, makes for a great afternoon.

Now’s his time to shine

Scott’s hard work and dedication are paying off. On May 31, he took 1st place overall at the CrossFit Central Regionals. Now, his next stop is the CrossFit Games, going on July 21-26 in Carson, CA, Scott will be putting everything on the line to take the podium spot he has been working so hard for.

Check out Scott Panchik’s CrossFit Games Profile and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.