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Scott Panchik’s Training and Recovery Tips

Growing up, Scott had always been athletic. He played football in college at Mount Union until a knee injury sidelined him. Even though the injury itself was devastating, it ultimately put Scott on the path to CrossFit. Being a part of a team his whole life, Scott missed that competitive environment that football had provided. So once his football career was over, he looked for something to fill that void. That’s when he found CrossFit. It started off as a family activity but quickly turned into a competitive outlet for Scott. He soon realized that CrossFit was something that he could be great at and wanted to see where it could take him.

As a college football player, Scott didn’t realize how important it was to stay hydrated, recover, and have proper nutrition. Like many athletes, he put all his emphasis on how hard he could train, not understanding that there was more to the training puzzle. Now days, Scott has a new attitude, he takes all aspects of his training seriously, the workouts, the nutrition, and the recovery.

In this video, Scott discusses his path to CrossFit, typical workout sessions, and his techniques that allow him to recover hard and train harder.

“The difference between winning and losing can sometimes be how quickly you recover.”