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Ben Smith & Scott Panchik | Favorite Tool for Muscle Recovery

crossfit recoveryAs elite CrossFit athletes, Ben Smith and Scott Panchik run into tweaks, strains, bumps, and bruises a lot. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what overtraining is. If you aren’t pushing your body at least occasionally then you will never know what your body is capable of doing. Ben and Scott believe that it’s all about the trial and error process.

During the difficult times, Ben and Scott like to discuss their training with each other and see what they are doing differently and what is working best. Sharing this knowledge helps them grow as athletes. Every little bit helps and if there’s something out there that can allow them to recover faster and perform longer then you can pretty much guarantee that they will have it in their gym bag and be using it every day.

Stay Healthy with the Right Recovery

One of the best ways to keep your body healthy as an athlete is proper recovery. During workouts our bodies break down. During the recovery process, they rebuild and get stronger. Proper recovery also helps prevent of overuse injuries and maintain proper body mechanics.

You’ve got to do everything right. From your nutrition to your sleep to your recovery tools, there are a lot of various components that allow your body to work as hard as it does. CrossFit Games Athletes don’t just wake up and work out at their peak every day, there’s a lot of little things that happen along the way.

“What separates some of the good people from the great people is their ability to recover.”

Favorite Tool for CrossFit Recovery

Ben Smith and Scott Panchik choose Marc Pro as their recovery tool of choice. Marc Pro’s unique patented technology allow for results that can’t be achieved with any other method. Discover why over 100 pro teams and countless elite athletes choose Marc Pro.