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How to Prevent Functional Fitness Injuries | 5 Tips from Ben Smith

prevent crossfit injuriesIn high intensity sports, injuries are a reality of training. However, there are measures you can take to prevent certain types from occuring in the first place. After all, preventing injuries is much easier than healing them. Crossfit Games athlete Ben Smith shares 5 tips for preventing injuries in the sport.

5 Ways to Prevent CrossFit Injuries

1. Massage Therapy

When muscles are tight, they aren’t able to function or move properly. Tight muscles lack flexibility, restrict blood flow, and ultimately increase the chance of injury. Massage therapy techniques can help loosen up tight muscles so that you can prevent injuries like muscle tears and pulls as well as perform better.

2. Heat

Ben Smith says that his body responds very well to this technique. Heat treatments help muscles relax and loosen up. Heat can also help dilate vessels and bring more blood to muscles that are tense. Warm muscles are able to move and stretch better, making it easier to prevent injuries.

3. Stretch

Stretching can help improve flexibility and range of motion, both important aspects of injury prevention in Crossfit. With good flexibility and range of motion, muscles can move efficiently with proper form. With poor flexibility and range of motion, our body tends to overcompensate in other areas- throwing off our proper body mechanics.

prevent crossfit injuries4. Body Mechanics

Injuries often arise when our bodies are not moving properly. If we practice poor body mechanics, it not only makes us less efficient and effective in our training, but it also opens athletes up to injuries. To prevent injuries from arising, make sure you practice proper mechanics while completing your Crossfit workouts. Your coach or training partner can help with this. Making sure your muscles are loose and recovered can also help since they will be more available to move as they should.

5. Marc Pro

Marc Pro is used by some of the best athletes in the world for recovery and injury prevention. When Ben Smith does have aches, tweaks, or strains set in, he uses the Marc Pro to help him recover fast. Marc Pro can also be used proactively to prevent injuries. Overuse injuries are caused by a lack of recovery. Tissue is broken down while working out and not able to fully rebuild before it starts breaking down again. Using Marc Pro between training sessions will allow tissue to fully rebuild so you can prevent overuse injuries. Plus, using Marc Pro will loosen up muscles and increase blood flow so muscles are able to move and contract properly.

While accidents happen, many injuries that occur in Crossfit could be easily prevented. Using these injury prevention tips from Crossfit Games athlete Ben Smith can help you avoid preventable injuries.