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The Icing Myth & How to Really Maximize Recovery
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tim ferriss

Tim Ferriss Includes Marc Pro in his 5-Bullet Friday Newsletter

Lifestyle hacks are kind of Tim Ferriss’s thing. He’s written 5 New York Times Bestsellers and has a self-titled podcast...


The Overuse Phenomenon | Kelly Starrett Shares How you Can Counteract it

High intensity exercise is here to stay. People are pushing their body’s limits and training at intensities that would have...

tight hips

Tight Hips Affecting your Performance? 3 Ways to Loosen up & Recover

When you’ve overdone it and your hips are fried, how can you make them feel better? Tight hip flexors are...

sedentary lifestyle

3 Ways to Add More Movement into your Work Day

Our modern lifestyle competes with one of the most basic requirements of the human body, movement. These days we drive...

marc pro tutorial

Marc Pro Tutorial | Guide to Getting Started

This guide was created as a tutorial for new Marc Pro users to get started with their device. After reading...

return to play

Athletic Trainer Tip: How to Efficiently Get Student Athletes Back in the Game

When an athlete gets injured, the person bridging the gap between the athlete and return to play is ultimately the...

how to run faster

How to Run Faster: Part One

Improve your running positions, make your muscles more robust, and be the fastest runner in your group. Kelly Starrett shares...

kelly starrett

Kelly Starrett | Behind the Movement that Helps People Live Better

 “You don’t realize that you’re not working or feeling as good as you can feel… you can feel better.” The...

knee pain relief

How to Put an End to Your Knee Pain

Why does pain always shows up at the most inconvenient time? You have a life and things to do; you...

crossfit athletes

The Gathering | Episode 1 Featuring Four CrossFit Games Athletes & Kelly Starrett

See what happens when four of the most elite CrossFit Games Athletes in the world get together to talk about...

what is marc pro

What is Marc Pro & How Does it Work?

Marc Pro is an EMS device that enhances your body’s natural muscle recovery process.  When you’re recovered, you can train...

crossfit open

Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 18.4 | Kelly Starrett

The CrossFit Open season gives us a chance to test our abilities and see how well we perform under pressure....

crossfit open 2018

Crossfit Open 2018: Prep & Recovery from 18.3 with Kelly Starrett

The Crossfit Open is a great time to polish up some of our behaviors that we can typically get away...

crossfit open

Kelly Starrett’s Guide to Recovering from Crossfit Open Workout 18.2

You made it through Crossfit open workout 18.1 and are now ready to take on 18.2. Before you do, make...

kelly starrett

Kelly Starrett’s Recovery Game Changer

If you’re around him or you’re one of his athletes, you know he’s a fan. But what is it about...