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The Overuse Phenomenon | Kelly Starrett Shares How you Can Counteract it


High intensity exercise is here to stay. People are pushing their body’s limits and training at intensities that would have buried us 10 years ago. With this comes a phenomenon that has become very typical, it’s called overuse.

Say you did you a long run over the weekend and now you’re feeling sore. What do you do? Most of us would take an ibuprofen, hope it gets better soon, or maybe take some time off from running. That doesn’t have to be the case though, there are some direct, actionable items that you can do to improve tissue health and restore normal function.

Overuse leaves you feeling sore, tired, and fatigued. You’re not injured so you don’t need to see a doctor or physical therapist, but what can you do to feel good again? The key is to get the garbage out (remove swelling and waste) and improve blood flow to that area. Kelly Starrett recommends using Marc Pro to restore equilibrium in the body.

How Marc Pro Counteracts Overuse

Overuse occurs when repetitive strain is placed on the body without sufficient recovery. With high intensity exercise, it’s hard to keep up with the demands of training without being subject to overuse. We all want to get to the next level and be the best we can be, but often we forget that recovery is a critical part of the training cycle.

Marc Pro is a recovery tool Kelly Starrett uses to counteract overuse. By improving your post-workout recovery, you can help ensure that your body is able to repair itself and stay healthy. During exercise, your muscles break down. When they aren’t able to repair themselves before taking on more activity, the repetitive stress leads to a decrease in performance and an increase in the likelihood of developing an overuse injury.

overuse prevention

The foundation of recovery is light, low-stress movement. When you engage in light movement, each stage of your body’s natural recovery process is facilitated. Marc Pro provides low-stress muscle activation (movement) to deliver post-workout recovery that’s effective and convenient. Our exclusive technology won’t fatigue your muscles, meaning you can use the device as long as you need to reach a more complete and quick recovery. Pro athletes and top fitness coaches trust Marc Pro for their recovery and injury prevention.