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Crossfit Open 2018: Prep & Recovery from 18.3 with Kelly Starrett

crossfit open 2018The Crossfit Open is a great time to polish up some of our behaviors that we can typically get away with during training. When the competition starts, we quickly see how well our systems are working and how robust our practice really is. Competitions can help us gauge the effectiveness of our training. The 2018 Crossfit Open has done exactly that for us. This week, 18.3 threw us a high skill workout that is testing even the most elite Crossfit athletes.

Crossfit Open 2018: Lifestyle/Environmental Goals for 18.3

Before completing 18.3, there are a couple ways we can prep our body.

  • Prep at Home

Warming up is a big part of competing in the Crossfit Open. However, what often happens is we get to the gym and don’t take the time to properly warm up. Kelly Starrett’s solution to ameliorate some of this is to do some prep at home. Before you leave the house, try to do 10 minutes of prep. For open workout 18.3, this can be groundwork, basic MobilityWod shoulder swing prep, or basic squat prep. By doing a warm up at home, you will be able to focus on the task at hand once you get to the competition and not have to worry about getting your body warmed up. If you don’t have time to prep at home right before the competition, you can still benefit from prepping at home in the morning before 18.3.

Another strategy you can use to help prepare involves breathing mechanics. Kelly has found that 10 minutes of mechanical ventilation practices can help make it a lot easier to shake off the cobwebs and go into the competition hard.

  • Meal Timing

Food is our fuel for the Crossfit Open. We need to make sure we are adequately nourished and not running a caloric deficit. Kelly recommends eating your last meal three hours before the competition. This will give enough time to eat some whole foods and digest them. An hour before the competition, have a small snack such as a piece of fruit and nuts or a banana with some peanut butter. Make sure the snack is something that’s easy to digest and will help top off those glycogen tanks.

Recovery and Adaptationcrossfit open 218

After the workout is over, we can now start focusing on how to recover and adapt.

  1. Cool down

After finishing this week’s workout, make sure you allow the engine to cool down.

  1. Pre-Sleep Routine

Before going to sleep, smash your calves and feet and spend about 10 minutes or so mobilizing the tissue of the lower legs and the back of the shoulders.

  1. Marc Pro

The Marc Pro calf placement is a good place to start. However, Kelly shares some guidance around pad placement so you can find which one benefits you the most. One alternative Kelly uses is placing one pad on the instep of the foot and the other pad right behind the knee. Using alternative pad placements can make a difference, as can positioning. Ideally, while calves are pumping, bend your leg and place something soft underneath so the calf can contract without pressure on it.

  1. Next Day

Go for at least a 20 minute walk the day after a competition. Your feet are probably going to be a little bit sore but going for a walk can help.

All of these strategies from Kelly Starrett can help you prepare and recover from crossfit open workout 18.3 so you can give your best and be ready to go for 18.4!