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What is Marc Pro & How Does it Work?

Marc Prowhat is marc pro is an EMS device that enhances your body’s natural muscle recovery process.  When you’re recovered, you can train harder, maximize gains, prevent injuries, get rid of soreness/fatigue, and perform at your best.

To understand how Marc Pro works, you first need to understand how the human body works. Research shows that in order for muscles to optimally recover and realign, you need muscle contractions- which is just another term for movement. You could keep squatting, walking, or cycling to get in the necessary movement, or you can use Marc Pro. Kelly Starrett explains,

Ultimately, it’s an amazing technology that we use that allows and facilitates the body to do what it’s supposed to do.

The Science Behind Muscle Recovery

In order to adapt to exercise stress, your body goes through four main stages of recovery. Muscle movement facilitates each of the four stages. By moving, your body is able to optimally repair the damage and normalize tissue a lot quicker. However, keep in mind that if you move for too long or at too high of an intensity, you’ll start to cause damage. The key is to move at a low-intensity that won’t stress or fatigue muscles.

Using patented technology, each Marc Pro device creates non-fatiguing muscle contractions to speed your body’s natural recovery process. Unlike other forms of movement, such as going for a light walk or cycle, Marc Pro will not put stress on your muscles so you can reach a more complete recovery. Also, Marc Pro is easy, comfortable, and you can use it while working or watching TV- so you don’t have to dedicate any additional time towards recovery. Discover more about Marc Pro and find out why Kelly Starrett calls Marc Pro a “game changer”.

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