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How Does Marc Pro Compare to Other E-Stim Devices? Dr. Kelly Starrett Explains.

What’s the difference between Marc Pro and other e-stim devices? To start, Marc Pro is focused on speeding your body’s recovery process. It’s not trying to replace your workout or make your training more difficult so you can get stronger. Marc Pro rebuilds your broken and fatigued muscles so you can be ready for the next workout, feel at the top of your game, and sustain activity while keeping your body healthy. Marc Pro doesn’t “workout” your muscles, but that’s what makes it an effective tool for recovery.

e-stim devicesYour body doesn’t need any more stress.

The main difference between Marc Pro and other e-stim devices is in the technology. Marc Pro is able to produce non-fatiguing muscle contractions. This means that the device can be used indefinitely to ensure a full recovery. Sometimes, you need more than just 20-30 minutes of recovery. For really intense efforts you may need to recover for an hour. Each workout and person are different, so in many cases other devices’ pre-programmed recovery settings that last for 30 minutes at most, aren’t going to cut it. Marc Pro delivers a unique current to the body that is capable of being used for sustained periods of time, without causing additional stress and fatigue.

When you’re trying to facilitate active recovery, it’s vital to understand that you don’t want to cause fatigue. You don’t want to put in inputs that are toxic, noxious, or irritating. By applying Marc Pro, you’re performing active recovery without the stress and fatigue that traditional active recovery or other e-stim devices cause.

Why you would want to recover better…

Why does Marc Pro put such a big emphasis on recovery? The benefits of muscle recovery are astounding. When your body is able to recover, you’re not only prepared to take on the next workout and give your best effort, you also get the most from the training you already did. During the recovery process, muscle fibers rebuild, making you stronger. By improving your body’s recovery process, you can maximize your gains and progress.

Injury prevention is another great reason to put more of an emphasis on recovery. Overuse injuries are not uncommon for athletes in all types of sports. However, overuse is a problem that can be avoided by allowing your body ample recovery between activities. Most importantly, recovery keeps your body in a healthy state so you can do the activities you love for a lifetime.

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