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Post Workout Recovery: What’s the Most Effective Method?

post workout recovery

Why Athletes Need Better Recovery

With training today, athletes are constantly pushing their bodies harder to keep up with the demands of their sport or reach their own personal goals. If you exercise on a regular basis, you’re most likely not allowing your body to fully recover. During workouts, our bodies break down. During the post workout recovery process, our muscles rebuild and get stronger. To get the most out of our training and continue progressing, we need to dedicate more time and energy towards recovery. When our bodies are recovered we can prevent overuse injuries, feel our best, and give 100% on a consistent basis.

The first step towards optimal recovery is to make sure you get enough sleep, hydrate, and eat the right foods. Beyond that, it’s important to incorporate post workout recovery techniques.

How the Muscle Recovery Process Works

There are 4 main stages of the muscle recovery process in adequately hydrated and nourished individuals. Research has shown that muscle activation is the key facilitator for all of these stages.

1. Nourishment and other necessary supplies are delivered to the damaged area

post workout recoveryWhen skeletal muscles are activated, they send a message to the smooth muscles that surround the blood vessels to relax, allowing the blood vessels to dilate. Circulation then increases into the area bringing in more blood and nutrients.

2. Waste is removed through the lymphatic system

Being able to evacuate waste can help prevent swelling and make room for more nutrients and blood to move into the area. However, the lymphatic system is a passive system that relies on muscle activation. In order for the lymphatic system to function effectively, muscles have to be activated.

3. Myokines are produced and released

Myokines drive the tissue regeneration and repair process. Muscle activation provides the necessary mechanical stress to facilitate the production and release of myokines.

4. Remodeling of the repaired tissue

After the damaged tissue is repaired, the fibers need to be rearranged so that they can move properly. Muscle activation allows the repaired tissue to be optimally remodeled. Failure to optimally remodel the repaired muscle tissue leads directly to dysfunctional movement.

What is the Best Method for Post Workout Recovery?

post workout recoveryBased on research findings, the most effective way to improve the recovery process is to create muscle activation. Thus, active recovery, such as a light swim or jog, is the best method to improve post workout recovery. The limitation with traditional active recovery is that too much of it can cause more fatigue and muscle damage. You may have to stop before you’re fully recovered, which limits the recovery benefit.

Limitless Active Recovery

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