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Why Do Athletes Need to Recover? | Emily Schromm Explains

“The importance of recovery cannot be overstated”

Why has recovery been getting so much attention in the sports and fitness industry? Athletes are realizing the importance of recovery and all the benefits it offers. With training today, athletes are constantly pushing their bodies harder and longer to keep up with the demands of their sport or their own personal goals. When we don’t allow our bodies to recover properly, they break down, drastically increasing the likelihood of injury. It’s during the recovery process that our bodies adapt to the training stimulus, muscles rebuild and get stronger, and we return to a state where we are able to give 100% again. Training is important, but just remember, so is recovery.

Emily Schromm shares that, “the Marc Pro has completely changed my recovery game.” Not only is the device extremely effective at what it does, it’s also easy to use. All you have to do it place the pads on the area you want to target, turn it on, and sit back and relax.

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