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Kelly Starrett’s Recovery Game Changer

If you’re around him or you’re one of his athletes, you know he’s a fan. But what is it about Marc Pro that makes it such an amazing tool that mobility and performance expert Kelly Starrett uses it in his personal and professional life?

Garbage Out, Groceries In

Kelly uses Marc Pro to keep perfusion rates high in the tissue, which means bringing lots of clean blood in, and clear out the waste and congestion. Bringing in nourishment and flushing out waste is the basis for muscle recovery.  As Kelly always says, “Garbage out, Groceries in.” Recovery has become a hot topic in recent years as more and more people are starting to learn the benefits of adding recovery techniques to their training program. Not only do these techniques help get rid of soreness and fatigue, they also allow your body to get the most benefit from the work that was just put in, allow you to give 100% at the next workout, prevent overuse injuries, and help promote good biomechanics.

One of Kelly’s favorite things about Marc Pro is the fact that it creates a non-fatiguing muscle contraction. As most athletes know- especially ones who use active recovery techniques- muscle contractions are great for muscle recovery, they bring in blood and flush out the waste. However, it’s difficult to make your muscles contract without putting stress on them, so there’s a fine line between recovery benefits and further fatigue. That’s where Marc Pro comes in. Kelly uses Marc Pro on his athletes to not only help them recover faster, but to help them recover fully. Marc Pro’s unique patented waveform and long pulse duration allow for a muscle contraction that is both non-fatiguing and extremely effective at moving nourishment and waste.

 “The Marc Pro is a game changer”