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Kelly Starrett | Behind the Movement that Helps People Live Better

 “You don’t realize that you’re not working or feeling as good as you can feel… you can feel better.”

The MobilityWOD movement began in 2004 when Kelly Starrett became involved with CrossFit. Since then, the movement has progressed to reach everyone from the most elite athlete to the person who works out to stay active and healthy. In this video, Kelly Starrett shares a behind the scenes look at changing the way people think about movement, body maintenance, and human performance. It is possible to feel and live better.

Work flow demands are through the roof. People are pushing themselves harder and longer than ever before, making overuse and injuries a common occurrence. But, with the right tools and strategies in tow, we can get back on track to do the sports and activities we love. Kelly’s program gives people granular goals so they can be consistent and successful despite their busy schedules.