The 4 Stages of Muscle Recovery
(and how to speed them up)
Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians
Chooses Marc Pro for Recovery
How to Put an End to your Knee Pain
Kelly Starrett
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Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Joel Luedke of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Joel Luedke, Director of Athletic Training & Sports Performance at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, relays the shift towards movement-based injury...

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3 Mobility Exercises for Baseball Pitchers

Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD shares a few solutions for baseball pitchers to help restore range of motion and improve some...

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Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Stacy Carone of University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Stacy Carone, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at UMBC, shares the success she’s seen with a sophisticated recovery strategy...

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How to Strength Train & Recover from Ruck Marching

By Shane Jenne, CSCS, NSCA-CPT What is Ruck Marching? Ruck marching can be defined as simply getting your gear from...

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Elite Athletes Explain Why They Use Marc Pro

Why do pro athletes choose Marc Pro? No matter what sport you participate in, the body’s recovery process is the...

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Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Andy Bliz of University of Buffalo

Athletic Trainer for the University of Buffalo, Andy Bliz, discusses his philosophy for getting athletes back on the court faster...

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Improve Grip Strength & Reduce Forearm Pain | 3 Tips for Lower Arm Recovery

Lower arm maintenance is an often overlooked practice that can have many implications for issues like forearm pain or a...

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15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Active People

Instead of checking your phone immediately after waking up, use that time to do something positive for the day ahead....

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Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Kenny Wilka of Marquette University

Kenny Wilka, Associate Athletic Trainer at Marquette University, talks about the positive shift towards focusing on the long-term health of...

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The Gathering Ep. 3 | Tactics that Have Made the Biggest Impact on Performance

In this third and final episode of The Gathering, Noah Ohlsen, Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, and Scott Panchik sat down...

Athletic Trainer Spotlight | David McDonald of University of North Florida

David McDonald, Head Athletic Trainer of UNF Sports Medicine Department, shares how he found fulfillment and camaraderie through his career...

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Athletic Trainer Spotlight | Ronald Linfonte of St. John’s University

Ronald Linfonte, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine at St. John’s University, sat down with us to discuss his storybook...

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Runner’s World Reviews Marc Pro for Post-Run Recovery

Runner’s World put Marc Pro to the test. After using the unit for post-run recovery, they found that Marc Pro...

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Workout of the Day & Recovery Plan | By Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers

Workout and recover like a CrossFit Games Athlete. We asked Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers to share an example of...

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The Gathering Episode 2 | Ben Smith, Noah Ohlsen, Scott Panchik, Emily Bridgers

In the second episode of The Gathering, Ben Smith, Noah Ohslen, Scott Panchik, and Emily Bridgers are interviewed by renowned...