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Inside the World of Softball with Sierra Romero

Motivation, Muscle Recovery, and the Game’s Evolution

Sierra Romero is a renowned professional softball player who currently plays in Athletes Unlimited. With an impressive record at the University of Michigan, where she earned multiple All-American titles and the prestigious 2016 Player of the Year award, her journey in the sport has been nothing short of remarkable.

We talked with Sierra to understand her drive, the progression of the sport, and her tips for other competitive softball athletes.

Overcoming Negativity

Part of Sierra’s competitive drive was born from her desire to overturn other people’s misconceptions. Feeling overlooked in high school due to her size, she was determined to prove naysayers wrong. “Any time I played against them, I definitely wanted to stick it to them, let them know they made a mistake.” That chip on her shoulder helped propel her forward. Being able to look past other people’s criticism and use it to your advantage is a difficult but important mentality for athletes.

Prioritizing Muscle Recovery

Since her injury, Sierra is much more focused on recovery. Going through that experience has taught her that taking a preventative approach is better for her well-being as an athlete.

Sierra urges younger athletes to prioritize their bodies by adopting correct mechanics and proactive care. “Don’t wait for an injury to happen for you to start taking care of your body.” Athletes should invest in their physical well-being early on, mirroring the proactive approach often seen in baseball. Sierra emphasizes support for recovery tools like the Marc Pro to benefit softball players of all levels. Travel ball requires hard work and plenty of travel, but Sierra warns athletes that college is a whole other level. Take care of your body beforehand so you can stay ready and not have to play catch up later.

Why Sierra Romero Uses Marc Pro

Sierra recommends Marc Pro to any competitive athlete. It’s a great tool that softball athletes can use on the road or at home. You can use it while on a bus or while you’re sitting down watching a show at night. All you have to do is place the pads and then let Marc Pro do its thing. Besides being convenient, it’s also extremely effective. Marc Pro is the only recovery tool that can provide muscle activation (which is the basis for the recovery process) without putting further stress on your muscles. Sierra shares that she feels relaxed and rejuvenated after using Marc Pro.

sierra romero

The Changing Landscape: Visibility and Progress in Softball

A big problem Sierra has experienced with softball is its visibility and progression. While softball has increased in visibility at the college level, there is still a need for more awareness at the professional tier. Sierra also stresses the need for viable professional opportunities for athletes after college. With the current landscape, pro softball athletes can’t make a decent living from the sport alone. Most players have to work multiple jobs on the side. Recent changes have helped, but there’s still a lot more to be done.

It’s no doubt that softball is a demanding sport. But, Sierra Romero has proven that with resilience, dedication, and the right body care routine in place, it is possible to thrive.

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