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Marc Pro in Action at the Perfect Game All-American Classic

perfect game all-american

The Perfect Game All-American Classic brings some of the most talented players in high school baseball together right before they begin their senior year. The weekend includes a home run derby, practice sessions, lots of custom gear, and bonding time between the athletes. On the last night, players participate in the grand finale game which takes place at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.

Throughout the weekend, we got a chance to spend some time with the athletes and get their thoughts on using Marc Pro. Arm care and general recovery is an important part of being able to perform at a high level and prevent overuse injuries. Perfect Game All-Americans use Marc Pro to make sure they are good to go for every practice and game.

PGAAC Player Experiences with Marc Pro

Noah Sheffield

Positions: SS, 2B

“Get yourself a Marc Pro, it’s worth it.”

Konnor Griffin

Positions: OF/3B, RHP, SS

“It’s really helped me refresh my legs, get my arm ready to throw. I did it for about an hour last night on my arm, no soreness at all.”

Noah Franco

Positions: OF/1B, LHP

“One of the products I’ve been using for about a year now. Like couple days before a game and then right after I throw.”

Aukai Kea

Positions: C/1B, 3B

“The Marc Pro really helps me a lot and gets my arm right every time.”

Chase Mobley

Positions: RHP, OF

“The Marc Pro is a game changer.”

Joey Oakie

Positions: RHP/OF

“It made my shoulder feel awesome. It felt like I was just like light and felt really good, blood flow and everything, so it was amazing. Thank you Marc Pro.”

Kaiden Lopez

Positions: OF/RHP

“Shout out Marc Pro, it’s great for recovery. And after you use it, you pretty much feel like a brand-new person.”

Christian Chatterton

Positions: RHP/SS

“They hooked me up with the Marc Pro, and it’s a thousand times better. You can leave it on for 5 hours and it doesn’t fatigue you.”

Caleb Bonemer

Positions: SS/3B

“The Marc Pro is great. I use it for recovery after training and throwing.”

Anson Seibert

Positions: RHP/3B

“I use Marc Pro basically after every time I pitch and it helps me tremendously. Getting to the next level, obviously, can be a big help using it longer and getting my arm healthy.”