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ben smith workout

How to Workout & Recover like CrossFit Games Athlete Ben Smith

Get some workout and recovery inspiration from CrossFit Games Athlete/2015 Champion, Ben Smith. To compete and win at the CrossFit...

Ben Smith & Scott Panchik | Favorite Tool for Muscle Recovery

As elite CrossFit athletes, Ben Smith and Scott Panchik run into tweaks, strains, bumps, and bruises a lot. They are...

athlete diet

The Diet of an Athlete | Ben Smith Shares his Nutrition Plan

Food has such a huge impact on the body. It can affect mental health, physical health, and as athletes it...

back squat

Back Squat | A Step-by-Step Guide from Ben Smith

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the air squat, try taking your squat to the next level by incorporating the...

how to handle stress

How to Handle Stress Like a Professional Athlete

In the US, work is the leading cause of stress. Research has shown that about 77% of people experience physical...

build strength for the handstand pushup

How to Build Strength for the Handstand Push-Up | Tips from Ben Smith

Even for Crossfit Games athletes, the handstand push-up isn’t a piece of cake. In past years, the handstand push-up was...

prevent crossfit injuries

How to Prevent Functional Fitness Injuries | 5 Tips from Ben Smith

In high intensity sports, injuries are a reality of training. However, there are measures you can take to prevent certain...

Improve Your Snatch Technique with this Drill from Ben Smith

Ben Smith, 9x Crossfit Games Athlete, taught himself how to snatch over the years by watching YouTube videos from athletes...

ben smith

Ben Smith Shares His Honest Thoughts on Training & Competing

“How does your training change leading up to the CrossFit Games?” When we first asked Ben Smith to answer this...

proper squat form

Proper Squat Form | Ben Smith

Ben Smith’s favorite exercise for building strength is the squat. There are a lot of variations of the squat, but...