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How to Workout & Recover like CrossFit Games Athlete Ben Smith

ben smith workout

Get some workout and recovery inspiration from CrossFit Games Athlete/2015 Champion, Ben Smith. To compete and win at the CrossFit Games, training and muscle recovery is everything.

For those of us who aren’t CrossFit Games athletes, training and recovery is still key to reaching our goals and progressing in our sport. So, lucky for us, Ben gave an inside look at what his routine entails. He shared a recent workout he completed and his recovery plan that followed.

Straight from Ben, here it is…

The Workout Routine

Warm up

2 Sets

500-1000m Bike Erg

15 Shoulder Rolls (PVC pipe)

20-30 second handstand hold practice

10 Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts (Each leg)

Strength Work

Bench Press

  • Work up to a heavy set of 3-5 reps for the day.  After each set, perform 5 strict pull ups with varying grips and pulling angles.


ben smith5 Rounds for time

12 Dumbbell Snatches, Alternating arms (80# Dumbbell)

9 Bench Press 205#

6 Bar Muscle Ups

*My time: 11:47

The Post-Workout Recovery

With the Marc Pro after the workout (maybe while eating some lunch), I would use the standard shoulder pad placement after a workout like this to flush out some stiffness and help stimulate recovery.  Or one pad on the back of the shoulder and other on top of trap, other 2 pads around the shoulder blade and lat.  This would keep me mobile and loose for the next session later on in the day and help keep my recovery time to a minimum so I can train hard again the next day!  It really is an incredible tool for recovery!


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