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Workout of the Day & Recovery Plan | By Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers

workout of the dayWorkout and recover like a CrossFit Games Athlete. We asked Scott Panchik and Emily Bridgers to share an example of what a workout of the day looks like for them and how they recover from it using their Marc Pro.

Scott Panchik’s WOD and Recovery

Scott shared one of his aerobic workouts of the day. To recover from his exhausting routine, he used the Marc Pro calf placement.

workout of the dayWorkout of the Day

  • 3 mile run, but…
  • Every 400 meters, stop and do 5 push ups and 10 air squats before continuing with run

Recovery with Marc Pro

  • Calf placement with electrodes on the calves and bottoms of feet
  • Duration: at least 30 minutes

Emily Bridgers’ WOD and Recovery

Emily’s workout was compliments of CrossFit Linchpin. Since she has been dealing with a nagging shoulder issue, she used the focused shoulder Marc Pro placement to recover from her workout.

workout of the dayWorkout of the Day

  • 15 minute AMRAP
  • 200m run
  • 10 DB snatches (right)
  • 10 DB snatches (left)
  • 5 bar muscle ups

Recovery with Marc Pro

  • Focused shoulder placement with electrodes on the delt, trap, and surrounding the shoulder blade
  • Duration: at least 20 minutes before leaving the gym

The sooner you can start using your Marc Pro, the better. Marc Pro will be able to work quicker when metabolic waste is still loose in the body. Even with these duration suggestions, you can use your Marc Pro for as long as you need. If a workout was particularly difficult, try using your Marc Pro for 60 minutes to make sure you’re ready to go for the next.

Watch Emily’s workout and recovery video!