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Improve Your Snatch Technique with this Drill from Ben Smith

snatch techniqueBen Smith, 9x Crossfit Games Athlete, taught himself how to snatch over the years by watching YouTube videos from athletes like Mike Burgener. Now, he has his own knowledge to share for improving your snatch technique.

One of the most common mistakes people make while snatching is launching the barbell with their hips. Often times, people will start out with a good position but as they pull the bar up, their back overextends, and their hips are pushed forward, breaking their good position and launching the barbell away from their body.

Snatch Technique Drill: “Hang Snatch, High Pull”

The “hang snatch, high pull” drill has helped tremendously with Ben’s snatch technique. It’s a great way to practice keeping the bar close and translating power into the barbell through the middle of the pull.

In this video, Ben Smith demonstrates the “hang snatch, high pull”. A few tips to keep in mind are:

  • Stay nice and tall- make a conscious effort to not overextend your back
  • Move the barbell as smoothly as possible through transitions
  • You can start the drill either above or below your knee

Practicing this drill can help improve your snatch technique and efficiency. Try doing a few reps until you get you are able to perform the movement smoothly and with the correct positioning.

Incorrect positioning and improper biomechanics can occur when our bodies attempt to compensate for something that is off. For example, overextending your back often arises when there’s an area in the body that is tight, overused, or injured. In order to keep your body injury free, promote good biomechanics, and improve efficiency in workouts, it’s important to dedicate some time to focus on recovery efforts. Marc Pro is designed to provide the easiest and most effective recovery to those who want to stay healthy and get to the next level.  Learn more about Marc Pro here:

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