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Mastering the Handstand Walk with Emily Bridgers

Learning the handstand walk can be tough. Crossfit Games athlete and head coach at Crossfit Terminus, Emily Bridgers, shares her steps for mastering the handstand walk.

handstand walk3-Step Progression for the Handstand Walk

Step 1: Practice on a Wall

The first step towards mastering the handstand walk is being able to hold a handstand against a wall for at least one minute. While doing this, make sure you don’t change shape. When doing a handstand, the goal is to keep a perfectly straight line. You want to avoid breaking position with any angles through your shoulders or back.

Step 2: Free Standing Handstands

Once you have the wall handstand dialed in, it’s time to start practicing free standing handstands. This will help you gain awareness of your body. Try holding the position for as long as possible. Moving your hands forward or backward will help you get familiar with knowing which direction your body is falling and how to balance it. The goal is to stay in the handstand position for as long as you can.

Step 3: Grab a Partner

Now it’s time to grab a partner. This person is really just there for support and to help guide your walk. During the handstand walk, grip the ground with your fingertips. While learning, be sure to stay as tight as possible throughout your entire body. If you notice that you’re starting to collapse and lose your shape, go ahead and come down. Don’t let your partner do all of the work, they’re mostly just there for balance. Once you feel comfortable doing the handstand walk with support from your partner, the next step is to try doing it on your own.

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