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Brian Mackenzie Shows How to Use the Marc Pro Plus to Release Muscles

release musclesWhen tissue is really banged up, it may take a while for the low frequency setting of the Marc Pro Plus to flush out the area, loosen everything up, and bring the body back to homeostasis. Brian Mackenzie shares an alternative approach that can provide much faster results. With intense and consistent workouts or activity, muscles will often shorten and lock up. Knots, spasms, limited range of motion, and many other issues can then set in. Sometimes, to get a damaged area back on par with the rest of the body, we first need to get that muscle tissue to release.

Unlike the LOW setting, the HIGH setting on the Marc Pro Plus will actually fatigue muscles. For recovery purposes, this isn’t ideal. However, when it comes to releasing locked up tissue, it’s very beneficial. As the electric current is fired into the muscle, the motor neurons get stimulated and the fibers start to contract. After some time, the motor neurons give up and the tissue releases.

How to Use HIGH Frequency to Release Muscles

  1. Place electrodes on the muscle group you want to target
  2. Set your Marc Pro Plus to the HIGH setting
  3. Slowly turn up the intensity to a level that feels strong, yet comfortable
  4. Leave the unit on until the muscle relaxes – this may take a minute but you will be able to feel when the tissue releases
  5. Once the muscle releases, turn the unit off

After the muscle releases, there may be a little soreness from all the muscle fibers that were being fired. When using HIGH frequency for this application, more muscle fibers are being contracted than would be by independently doing this. Muscles you don’t usually use are going to be recruited so there will be a little more damage than normal.

How to Use LOW Frequency to Recover Muscles

Once you get the muscle to release, use the LOW setting of the Marc Pro Plus to recover the area and get rid of the soreness. Now that the muscle is relaxed, the LOW frequency can be used to bring the muscle tissue to a full recovery.

Brian Mackenzie has used this alternative protocol to relieve a lot of debilitating tissue damage. It’s a great way to lengthen muscles for an increased range of motion as well as getting rid of knots, spasms, or other areas where the tissue is shortened, tight, and locked up.

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