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Grace WOD Recovery with Brian Mackenzie

What is the Grace WOD?

grace wodThe Grace WOD is one of the staple Crossfit workouts used to track progression over time. To complete this workout, athletes must finish 30 reps of clean and jerks as fast as they can. The standard barbell weights used are 135lbs for men and 95lbs for women. A high pain tolerance is required to get through the workout but the best Crossfit athletes are able to complete Grace in about one minute.

Post-Grace Recovery

After completing Grace, your hands/forearms, hamstrings, and traps are going to be fatigued. To get the most from your WOD, prevent injuries, and perform better at your next training session, make sure you incorporate recovery techniques. Brian Mackenzie shares how he uses Marc Pro post WOD to ensure a full and fast recovery.

Target 1: Grip Placement

The gripping involved with clean and jerks is going to take a toll on both your hands and forearms. Brian first suggests targeting the hands and forearms. Place one pad on the palm of your hand and the other pad from the same channel on the densest part of your forearm. Turn the intensity up so it’s strong yet comfortable.

Target 2: Traps & Hamstrings Placement

The movement involved with clean and jerks is going to be taxing on your traps and hamstring. For this, Brian recommends using channel A on the traps and channel B on the hamstrings. Place one pad on the left trap and one on the right, turn up the intensity. Next, place one pad on the left hamstring and one on the right. Make sure it’s on the densest part of the muscle to get the best contraction. To get a good result, use this placement for about 15-20 minutes; however, feel free to use for longer to see an even better result.