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3 Tips for Improving Squat Cleans with Scott Panchik

squat cleanBack squat. Squat clean. Clean and jerk. Scott Panchik explains the connection and shares some tips for improving your squat clean. Conquer the squat clean and your clean and jerk will reap the benefits.

Tip #1: Work on your back squat

Back squats help simulate the position you will be in when receiving the bar in a squat clean. Every time you back squat, you’re in the same position you would be in if you were in the bottom position of a clean. By working on your back squats, you can improve your squat clean at the same time. Just be sure that your back squat stance is the same as the end position stance in your squat clean.

Tip #2: Incorporate pause squats

If your range of motion allows you get into a lower position to catch the bar, you will be able to increase the weight on the bar significantly and be more comfortable when pushing up out of the squat position. One way to improve range of motion is to implement pause squats. To do this, take the bar off the rack, step back, do a back squat. In the bottom position of the back squat, pause and hold for 2-3 seconds, before exploding up. Improving your range of motion will give you more time to get under the bar when doing a squat clean.

Tip #3: Use the right squat clean stance

As you go into the clean, your feet will have to move. This movement requires your feet to jump from one stance to another. The end stance should be in the same position as they would be while doing a back squat. When choosing your initial stance, make sure your feet are inside the position where they would be at the end. Try to create a larger gap between the start and end stance. The more distance your feet have to travel, the more time you will have to get under the bar.

squat clean

Along with practicing each movement, it’s also important to allow your body the proper recovery in between training. Recovery plays a key role in injury prevention and promoting good biomechanics. Plus, it’s during the recovery process that muscles rebuild and get stronger so you can get the most from the workout you just did and be ready to give 100% at your next training session. Marc Pro provides athletes of all sports the ability to recover fully and recover faster. Less down time means more of doing what you love.

For more tips from Scott and other CrossFit Games athletes, visit our “Training Tips” page.

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