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baseball recovery

Ditch the Ice | Why Marc Pro is Essential for Baseball Players of All Ages

Turns out icing isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Research now shows that icing delays the recovery process...

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How Perfect Game Baseball Players are Recovering Faster & Preventing Injuries

The World Wood Bat National Championship is one of the largest tournaments of the year in amateur baseball. This Perfect...

perfect game

Marc Pro Named Official Recovery Technology Partner of Perfect Game

Perfect Game, the world’s largest youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, announced it has entered into a multiyear...

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Raised in Baseball | Marc Pro Video Review for Youth Baseball Players

Tanner Carson is a 13-year-old baseball player from Texas making a name for himself in the game. His goal to...

trevor bauer

Trevor Bauer | How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery After Pitching

On Episode 24 of “Tips with Trev”, Cy Young Award winner and All-Star pitcher, Trevor Bauer, gets into the topic...

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Tommy John Surgery | Prevention Tips & How to Maintain a Healthy Arm

It’s a phrase that can make a pitcher’s heart skip a beat: you need Tommy John surgery. With the rise...

arm care for pitchers

How to Survive & Thrive: Pre and Post Arm Care for Pitchers

If you want your body to have a positive reaction to training and become more effective than when you started,...