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Ditch the Ice | Why Marc Pro is Essential for Baseball Players of All Ages

baseball recovery

Turns out icing isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Research now shows that icing delays the recovery process and even causes additional damage – which is bad news for many baseball players. Recovery is still a must, so what can be done to actually improve the process?

The Problem with the RICE Procotol

The most recommended protocol for healing in western medicine is the RICE protocol – rice, ice, compression, elevation. Most of us have used the RICE method, or at least some component of it, to help improve our recovery. It’s been ingrained into our brains, especially if you play sports or stay active. The interesting thing is, after talking to the experts and reading the literature it turns out the protocol is wrong. The Harvard trained doctor who developed RICE has since recanted his statement saying that ice not only delays healing, but also causes additional damage.

Why is Ice so Harmful?

Muscle damage is an inevitable part of all sports and physical activities. Congestion builds up around the damaged site after exercise. The quicker you can get rid of the waste, the quicker you can recover. Using ice after a workout traps congestion and prevents the natural flow of oxygen and supplies to the area. Even worse, sitting with a bag of ice on your arm won’t just delay the healing process, it will make the situation worse. Ice causes additional swelling that wouldn’t have normally occurred.

baseball recovery

Why Did Ice Become a Staple for Baseball Players?

Icing became popularized for baseball players thanks to a photo that was taken of Dodger’s pitching legend, Sandy Koufax, with his arm in a bucket of ice. All the world saw was the star player icing his arm, thinking that must be how he keeps his arm healthy. In reality, the story is much different, as told from those who were there when it happened.

Koufax’s arm was in pain and he refused to take any more needles. He told the training staff to figure out a different way to stop the pain. To comply, athletic trainers put a wetsuit-like sleeve on his arm and stuck it in ice. Thus, the myth began that putting ice on your arm after throwing was somehow going to make you recover. However, Sandy was using ice for his arm pain. No doubt, ice can make the pain go away temporarily, but it doesn’t facilitate healing.

So if ice is wrong, then what should you be doing to improve recovery? The short answer is low-stress movement, better known as active recovery.

How Marc Pro Improves Recovery

Marc Pro is a recovery tool that uses the muscle as a pump to move nourishment and waste, which is what facilitates healing. Similar to doing ankle pumps for a sprained ankle, Marc Pro provides the movement your body needs to decongest the area and bring in necessary supplies to the damaged site. However, the difference with Marc Pro is that it won’t cause fatigue and you can sit back and relax. If needed, you can use it for hours on end to solve the problem.

baseball recovery

3 Different Groups Who Benefit from Marc Pro

Professional Players

Two-thirds of all major league pitchers use Marc Pro, along with players from every team. Before winning his 2nd Cy Young award, Corey Kluber did an interview on Marc Pro. He said it makes his arm feel the best it ever has and that if you have the chance to use and you don’t, you’re making a mistake. He also mentioned that he doesn’t ice because it makes his arm feel stiff.

Amateur Players

It’s no secret that amateur players train hard and will do whatever it takes to get to the next level. Marc Pro gives amateur players the chance to get to that next level. If you’re someone who has a dream in front of them and hopes to continue playing, Marc Pro is a must. Here’s why: no matter how good you are, if you aren’t able to play because of an injury or a fatigued arm causes you to underperform, you’re hurting your chances of getting to the next level. Using the right recovery technology can be the difference between reaching your goals and ending your season or career. Marc Pro allows you to recover better and stay injury free, so you can play at your best and continue to progress.

Active Individuals

Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, if you’re tired and sore Marc Pro can help. Even for those of us who aren’t trying to get a college scholarship or make it as a pro, we all have our own fitness goals; maybe that’s being able to run 3-5x per week or increase your weight at the gym. Marc Pro allows you to continue your activities while feeling good and staying injury free.